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A fellow employee (Michelle, RC enthusiast) decorated this truck and she was so kind to let me post these pics.
I especially love the last picture! :)
Today is 11/10/2001 - five more days!


A fellow employee (Jeff J.) made this one - what a great piece of art! Jeff took some pictures and was so kind and allowed me to post these - thanks!
First he lit the pumpkin with a regular candle but then he had the brilliant idea to put a green light into it (you can see the cable running out of the pumpkin in the last picture!). Look at the nice gradient in the Xbox logo - PERFECT!


Bought my copy of Fusion Frenzy at the Bellevue Toys-R-Us today (10/30/2001)!


What the heck...?

Commuting will never be the same again!

18-Wheeler Xbox Truck spotted near the Redmond Town Center Mall, Redmond, WA, 10/19/2001.


From the Software Etc. in Bellevue Square Mall, Bellevue, WA, 09/27/2001.


(a buddy of mine took these and gave 'em to me - thanks man!)


Xbox Logo Wear Etc.


(grey sweatshirt in the middle)

(various T-shirts, fleece jacket)

(black sweatshirt with silver logo embroidered in green veeeery niiiice!)

(later style polo-shirt)

(front of super-early t-shirt)

(back of super-early t-shirt)

(green logo didn't come out right)

(earlier style t-shirt)

(earlier style polo-shirt)

(small poster)

(large poster - small one is on the right)

(assorted Xbox stickers)

(two styles of hats, one cap)

(yeah, these have seen heavy use)

(real heavy use)


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(I checked with Lit., Jeff and David before posting these!)