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I dug up these old E3 2000 Raven & Xbox pictures back from 5/2000 - thanks Steve!

Friday (11/15/2002) was the Xbox Live launch - yeah! All the water fountains at the Microsoft campus in Redmond were died green again, they also had the big XBOX-laser across highway 520 again and the cafeterias had Xbox cookies and various Xbox paraphernalia, check out the pictures!


Here are two pictures of Xbox setups, the first one is 8 networked European Xbox kiosks @ the 2002 SAPPHIRE conference in Lisbon, Portugal, the second setup (@ 2002 SAP TechEd in Bremen, Germany) is a giant plasma screen with 5.1 surround sound a giant woofer and another similar setup right across at the Unisys booth. Playing HALO 4 on 4 on that thing was a blast!!!


Tonight (08/12/2002) was the Seattle Gamefest @ the new Seahawks stadium in downtown Seattle. The event sucked ass: the food sucked, the band sucked, the setup sucked, the drinks sucked - you get the idea. The only really cool thing was playing Xbox on the giant stadium-screen (jumbotron). They also organized a little HALO tournament, ah well, 4-player split-screen on crappy 20" TVs doesn't exactly show off the graphics...


Here are some pictures of the Gumball 3000 Xbox Mini @ Park Place Motors in Bellevue, WA. I wonder how much this 'edition' is? :)


Got some goodies from Japan - way cool!!!

I have some extras - let me know if you have *cool* Xbox promo stuff to trade!


Check this out! A friend of mine has this in his basement and so do I - thanks Dirk!!!

This is the mega-cool European Xbox Kiosk!


And here are some unusual Microsoft Xbox controllers:


And more stuff being sold on Ebay by a bunch of idiots!

Here is an SDK/XDK Xbox Development Kit with a bunch of DVDs (BIOS Loader disc and Restore disc, box came with Dolphin demo). Seller ended auction early and cancelled all bids - go figure!

In case the auction is gone (after 90 days) here is a MHT Web Archive!


And here is another idiot selling an Xbox Development Kit. Auction ended with bidder 'jhenshaw' winning at $441.66 - geez, I wonder who that could be :)

In case the auction is gone (after 90 days) here is a MHT Web Archive!


Look what I found on Ebay! A limited Edition Xbox, Microsoft had these for Xbox-division employees only, not even the 'regular' Microsoft employees got these. It has a transparent green casing, a jewel with Bill Gates' silk-screened signature and it says "XBOX LAUNCH TEAM - 2001 - Great work! Bill Gates". Also comes with two transparent green controllers - sweet! Now why this guy would sell his hard-earned (???) box on Ebay is beyond me :(
This console comes with 5 Xbox games, look closely and you'll see that they are marked with 'NOT FOR RESALE'!

(Yeah I shamelessly swiped these pictures from
which is running until 01/01/2002 unless it gets pulled or finishes early)

Some folks have said that this is merely a developer kit - WRONG! The guy put up new pictures on Ebay clearly showing that this is indeed the limited edition MS-Xbox-team-only version of the Xbox:

Image Hosting by auctionwatch.comImage Hosting by auctionwatch.comImage Hosting by auctionwatch.comImage Hosting by

Definitely the real deal!


Look at the giant party going on at Microsoft in Redmond! The company name is now in green lights!

Green search lights are beaming into the night!

One of the buildings has a huge tarp hanging from the side and a giant laser XBOX logo is being projected across highway 520! Bud was so nice to let me use his tripod - thanks dude!



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