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Sears Cartridge Telegames System Video Arcade Manual

Thanks to Lee here is a hi-res scan! (200K - 300K each!)

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7up Pac-Man Commercial 1982 (Abel and Associates)

What could be better than Pac-Man turning red and drinking 7up instead of eating power pills? Abel and Associates created this brilliant blend of pop culture icons. Nice 3D effects as well (especially for 1982!). (about 10 Megs! MPEG1)


"Android" starring Klaus Kinski and... a Vectrex! (USA, 1982)

Boy this is one stinker of a movie! Low-budget all the way! Anyway, this movie stars a Vectrex showing the game Star Trek and displaying some custom programming by Mark Indictor. Overall not a bad part for the Vectrex, check out the screen shots.

Looks familiar, doesn't it? It's Star Trek on the Vectrex :)

Some of the custom programming done by Mark, in this case the Vectrex acts as some sort of radar display.

More custom programming, these views are static not rotating 3D wire-frames with hidden line removal :)

The Vectrex being misused as a targetting sight for the space station's laser. The red part must have been done in post-processing...

The movie had a total of two Vectrex consoles (Vectrexes? Vectri?), yeah as I said: really low budget.

There is the Vectrex to the right of our hero "Max", it's displaying Star Trek and then there is a Vectrex just in front of "Max" displaying the radar screen.

To show just what a stinker this movie was: notice all the microphones in the pictures (top left or top center), and no, these don't just become visible due to overscan, they are visible on your regular TV - yikes!

Title logo and the credits for GCE and Mark Indictor. And yes you can buy the cheapo-music (???) on a soundtrack album - yeah, I bet these are hot collectibles... NOT!


Atari "The Fly" Commercial 1982 (Abel and Associates)

Another brilliant commercial by Abel and Associates! This time they really outdid themselves! Mixing 2D and 3D graphics with the concept of a game designer sitting in the foreground this ranks as the best Atari commercial ever! (about 20 Megs! MPEG1)


Thanks to Curt Vendel of the Atari Historical Society I'm able to present the following four commercials:

Atari Centipede MTV Commercial

Very funny commercial, 1 minute long, off a 1st-generation copy of Curt's Umatic tape, 198?. Format is DivX 4, file size is 8 Megs.


Atari Club Centipede MTV Commercial

Ever seen a Centipede play sax? Come on down to Club Centipede! 1 minute video from the same source, 198?. Format is DivX 4, file size is 8 Megs.


Atari Pole Position

Starts with 'You look like a real jerk!' and has 80ies butt-rock music - oh man! 1:30 minutes, same source, 198?, DivX 4, 12 Megs.


Atari Joust

This one is BIZARRE! Two Joust-knights battle it out in some dude's living room. Afterwards he finds an egg, drinks it and turns into... eh, see for yourself! 2 minutes, same source, 198?, DivX 4, 18 Megs.



The DivX videos require the DivX 4 Codec avaiable at http://www.divx.com - you must have this Codec installed to be able to watch some of these videos!

by the respective owners (Sears, Atari, 7Up, Abel and Associates etc.)