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How To Master The Video Games
Tom Hirschfeld

(c) 1981 by Bantam. This book shows winning strategies for the 30 most popular (as of 1981) arcade games: Astro Fighter, Space Invaders, Space Invaders II, Astro Blaster, Gorf, Centipede, Phoenix, Galaxian, Pleiades, Asteroids, Defender, Asteroids Deluxe, Scramble, Star Castle, Space Fury, Space Odyssey, Moon Cresta, Pac-Man, Berzerk, Targ, Wizard Of Wor, Venture, Rally-X, Armor Attack, Monaco Grand Prix, Sky Raiders, Space Zap, Crazy Climber, Battlezone and Missile Command.
4.25 x 7", ca. 180 pages, ca. 40 b/w illustrations, Co.

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Mastering Pac-Man
Ken Uston

(c) 1981 by Signet. An abundance of Pac-Man strategies, tons of different patterns, walk-throughs etc.!
4.25 x 7", ca. 130 pages, ca. 60 b/w illustrations, Uo.

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Score! Beating The Top 16 Video Games
Ken Uston

(c) 1982 by Signet. Ken Ulston is at it again: this time he presents winning strategies for: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Defender, Tempest, Centipede, Galaga, Stargate, Qix, Frogger, Make Trax, Asteroids, Scramble, Galaxian, Star Castle and Space Invaders. Also contains a short intro to the Atari VCS, Intellivision, Odyssey2 home systems and some Coleco and Entex table-top games.
4.25 x 7", ca. 190 pages, ca. 90 b/w illustrations, Ro.

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Microcomputer Controlled Toys & Games & How They Work
Van Waterford

(c) 1983 by Tab Books. This is *the* ultimate book for handhelds, table-tops and other classic electronic games! From chess computers, home consoles (Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Bally Arcade Plus, Intellivision, Microvision) and electronic board games to handhelds, table-tops and educational games. This book covers around 100 different games! Even has some technical background about popular micro processors, block diagrams etc. Many b/w photos!
5 x 8.25", ca. 230 pages, over 250 b/w photos and illustrations, ER++.

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The Winner's Book Of Video Games
Craig Kubey

(c) 1982 by Warner Books. Great book, the author presents winning strategies for Coin Operated Video Games (Asteroids/Deluxe, Defender, Pac-Man, Galaxian, Space Invaders, Tempest, Turbo, Qix and many others) and Home Video Games (Atari 2600, Intellivision and Odyssey2). Also: glossary, history and numerous appendixes.
5 x 8", ca. 270 pages, ca. 15 illustrations, ERo.

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Video Games
Len Buckwalter

(c) 1977 by Grosset & Dunlap. This book is 20 years old! It describes the early beginnings of video games: tons of Pong units and the early home consoles like Channel F, Video Vegas and Studio II. This book pretty much covers all the pre-Atari games and is an absolute must for every serious collector. It has descriptions and/or pictures of around 50 early consoles, including all the Telstar, Odyssey, Ricochet, Gorilla and Conic machines and many others that you've probably never heard of. Also contains trouble-shooting guide and various game strategies. A wonderful book!
8 x 11" (!!!), ca. 160 pages on thick paper, ca. 150 b/w photos and illustrations (mostly photos), UR++.

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Also came out in a smaller paperback version:
(c) 1977 by Grosset & Dunlap, same contents as above but slightly different layout. Not as desirable as the larger version but still an excellent book!
4.25 x 7", ca. 160 pages, ca. 150 b/w photos and illustrations (mostly photos), UR++.

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The Player's Strategy Guide to ATARI VCS Home Video Games
Arnie Katz and Bill Kunkel

(c) 1982 by Dell Publishing. This book is from the editors of 'electronic GAMES' and presents around 50 games from Atari, Activision and Apollo and winning strategies for them.
4.25 x 7", ca. 220 pages, ca. 50 b/w illustrations, VR+.

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How To Win At Video Games
George Sullivan

(c) 1982 by Scholastic Book Services. Presents 16 arcade games: Berzerk, Gorf, Frogger, Space Invaders, Space Invaders II, Missile Command, Donkey Kong, Galaxian, Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Centipede, Scramble, Tempest, Defender, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. Also briefly describes a few home consoles (Atari VCS, Intellivision, Odyssey2 and Channel F) as well as a very few handhelds (Galaxian 2, Baseball etc.) and electronic board games (Dark Tower, Dallas and others).
4.25 x 7", ca. 175 pages, ca. 20 b/w illustrations, VR+.

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Scoring BIG at Pac-Man
Craig Kubey

(c) 1982 by Warner Books. Not a book, more a little booklet, presenting the usual strategies for the biggest hit of them all.
4 x 6.75", ca. 50 pages, 3 b/w illustrations, Ro.

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How to Wind at Video Games
Ray Giguette

(c) 1981 by The Martin Press. Another little booklet, introducing 10 different arcade games: Asteroids, Pac-Man, Berzerk, Battlezone, Missile Command, Armor Attack, Space Invaders, Astro Invader, Phoenix, Galaxian.
5.25 x 6.75", ca. 50 pages, 1 b/w illustration, ER-.

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Secrets Of The Video Game Super Stars
Len Albin

(c) 1982 by Avon Books. This book presents 26 different arcade games and a short introduction to home consoles. A lot of cool illustrations!
4.25 x 6.25", ca. 190 pages, ca. 50 b/w illustrations, ER+.

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The Complete Video Warrior
Major Mayhem

(c) 1982 by Western Publishing. This cool book introduces 15 games, among them such rarities as Red Baron and Star Castle, many semi-color (black, grays and reds) illustrations.
5.5 x 8", ca. 120 pages, ca. 100 b/w/gray/red illustrations, VR+.

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Video Invaders
Steve Bloom

(c) 1982 by Arco Publishing. This great book tells the history of modern (as of 1982) video games in detail and at the same time introduces the biggest hits of the arcades and the home consoles. Many really cool illustrations.
5.25 x 8", ca. 220 pages, ca. 25 b/w illustrations, ER+.

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The Video Master's Guide to Defender
Nick Broomis

(c) 1982 by Bantam. This book concentrates only on Defender, explaining all the details and many strategies. The drawings are not very good and overall it's a little thin.
4.25 x 7", ca. 80 pages, ca. 110 b/w drawings, ERo.

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The Video Master's Guide to Centipede
Ron Dubren

(c) 1982 by Bantam. Much better than the Defender book of the same series, this book deals with Centipede. Excellent strategies and hints, very detailed drawings, much more content.
4,25 x 7", ca.  140 pages, ca. 30 b/w drawings, ER+.

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The Video Master's Guide to Pac-Man
Jim Sykora & John Birkner

(c) 1982 by Bantam. Overall a pretty good effort, has some interesting details and even a (somewhat fake) screenshot of the Pac-Man bug. Decent strategies and hints, detailed drawings, good content - just a little thin.
4,25 x 7", ca.  85 pages, ca. 65 b/w drawings, ER+.

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The Complete Guide To Conquering Video Games
Jeff Rovin

(c) 1982 by Collier. Thick hardcover book featuring all the major home and arcade games, all together more than 100 different titles. Strategies are somewhat brief but useful. Also contains some humorous illustrations.
5.75 x 8", ca. 400 pages, ca. 30 b/w illustrations, ER+.

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Also came out in a paperback version:
5.25 x 8", ca. 400 pages, ca. 30 b/w illustrations, ER+.

Video Fever
Charles Beamer

(c) 1982 by Thomas Nelson Inc. This book claims to 'help parents analyze the benefits and hazards of the technological wizardry of the newest national pastime'. The author even tries to get technical and to explain how the games work - and fails miserably. Useless book, good for the entertainment factor, some funny 'Shoe' cartoons.
5.25 x 8", ca. 140 pages, 6 'Shoe' cartoons, ER-.

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Repairing Your Home Video Game
Gordon Jennings

(c) 1984 Datamost/Reston Publishing. Targeted at the technical novice, this book shows how to repair minor defects of the Atari 2600, 5200 and the Intellivision consoles. Some of the notes are pretty useful but unfortunately almost two thirds of the book are wasted with page-filling explanations of what electricity is and other stuff.
5.25 x 8.25", ca. 130 pages, ca. 50 b/w drawings, ERo.

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How To Beat The Video Games
Michael Blanchet

(c) 1982 Fireside/Simon and Schuster. This book contains winning strategies of 20 of the most popular arcade games: Pac-Man, Defender, Tempest, Battlezone, Berzerk, Centipede, Stargate, QIX, Gorf, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Scramble, Star Castle, Galaxian, Donkey Kong, Mousetrap, Make Trax, Eliminator, Galaga and Omega Race. Most of the hints are your standard fare but still pretty useful.
5.25 x 8.25", ca. 110 pages, ca. 40 b/w drawings, VRo.

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How To Beat Atari, Intellivision and Other Home Video Games
Michael Blanchet

(c) 1982 Fireside/Simon and Schuster. Contains strategies for 12 Atari VCS games, 6 Odyssey2 games and 3 Intellivision games (isn't the title a little misleading?). Overall feels like a cheapo follow-up to 'How To Beat The Video Games'. Nothing special but still OK.
5.25 x 8.25", ca. 120 pages, ca. 40 b/w drawings, ERo.

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Video Games
Daniel Cohen

(c) 1982 Archway/Simon and Schuster. After running out of his usual topics ('Famous Curses', Bigfoot - America's Number One Monster' and 'Creatures From UFOs'), Mr. Cohen blessed the video game world with this book. Actually it's not as bad as expected and contains some good generic video game knowledge. Also has a nice bit about Activision and some decent photos.
4.25 x 7", ca. 120 pages, ca. 30 b/w photos, ER+.

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Ken Uston's Guide To Buying And Beating The Home Video Games
Ken Uston

(c) 1982 by Signet. This is the culmination of Ken Ustons video game efforts: a huge paperback containing hints and strategies for over 200 games. A lot of it can also be found in other Ken Uston books but this massive collection is truly unique. Countless drawings and a few comparison tables add to the very good impression.
4 x 7", ca. 670 pages, ca. 300 drawings (estimated!) and a few tables, ER+.

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How To Win At Video Games
The Editors Of Consumer Guide

(c) 1982 by Publications International Ltd. A stunningly beautiful large-format booklet in full color! These games each have their own four page section in full color and with a matching design theme: Asteroids, Centipede, Defender, Donkey Kong, Omega Race, Pac-Man, Phoenix, Qix, Tempest, Frogger, Missile Command, Ms. Pac-Man and Turbo. Also has brief descriptions of six other games and the leading home systems. Additional bonus: a brief introduction and picture of the Atari Video System X (Atari 5200). Highest rating! Exists as booklet and with spiral binding?
8.25 x 11", 64 full color pages with drawings and photos, ER++.

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How To Win At Home Video Games
The Editors Of Consumer Guide

(c) 1982 by Publications International Ltd. Just as nice as the other Consumer Guide book this one specializes in home video games. Almost 70 games are introduced, some of them in nice four page sections with matching design theme, others in smaller sections from half page size all the way down to an eighth of a page. Everything is in full color and well designed. Highest rating! Exists as booklet and with spiral binding?
8.25 x 11", 64 full color pages with drawings and photos, ER++.

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Phoenix  The Fall & Rise Of Videogames
Leonard Herman

(c) 1997 by Rolenta Press, 2nd edition. This is the second edition of Leonard's excellent history of videogames from the early primitive beginnings to the consoles of today. What started out as a fan effort has pretty much become the de facto standard of video game history books! It's sometimes a little hard to read but the abundance of information makes this book a must for anybody interested in video games (old or new). This book has received many excellent and enthusiastic reviews - with good reason! 5.5 x 8.5", ca. 310 pages, IP++.
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Joystick Nation
J. C. Herz

(c) 1997 by Little Brown & Company, hardcover. Much easier and more fluent to read than Leonard Herman's 'Phoenix' this book contains some inaccuracies and mistakes and omits many important details. Nice for an afternoon reading but a little skimpy on hard facts and accuracy. 6.25 x 9.5", ca. 230 pages, IPo.
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Gamester's Guide To Arcade Video Games
Paul Kordestani

(c) 1983 by Tab Books. This is a big one! First Paul presents us with a short history and overview of arcade video games then he presents 41 games in detail. Every game description also contains some strategies. The Games are: Space Invaders, Space Invaders Deluxe, Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Space Duel, Galaxian, Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Defender, Stargate, Missile Command, Centipede, Battlezone, Phoenix, Red Baron, Tempest, Frogger, Pleiades, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Red Alert, Scramble, Robotron 2084, Zaxxon, Dig Dug, Jungle Hunt, Q*bert, Joust, Popeye, Moon Patrol, Front Line, Burger Time, Tron, Berzerk, Star Castle, Space Fury, Qix, Make Trax, and Galaga. 7.5 x 9.25", ca. 380 pages, over 200 b/w drawings, ER+.

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Win at Pac-Man
Ernest Zavisca, Ph.D. and Gary Beltowski

(c) 1982 by Greenwhich House. What happens if a Ph.D. and his friend write a book about their favorite video game? This little hardcover book is the answer :) Nothing special in this one but a very pretty cover. 5.5 x 8", 64 pages, ca. 40 b/w drawings, ERo.

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The Official I-Hate-Videogames Hansbook
Emily Prager

(c) 1982 by Simon & Schuster. This one claims to be 'The first and last book you'll ever need to de-program yourself!' and claims that 'You have nothing to lose but your change!'. For the original price of $2.95 = 'Ten Quarters, four Dimes and a Nickel' (as the author calculates - if you want to do it in quarters why not say 11 Quarters and and two Dimes???) you get a really lame and useless booklet - save your money.
5.25 x 8.25", ca. 90 pages, ca. 50 b/w photos and illustrations, ER-.

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Mind and Media - The Effects of Television, Video Games and Computers
Patricia Marks Greenfield

(c) 1984 by Harvard University Press. Pretty interesting scientific book discussing the effects of (among others) video games on developing children. Some cool b/w photos :)
5.75 x 8.5", ca. 210 pages, ca. 10 b/w photos and illustrations, ERo.

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