Rarity Rating
C Common: Easy to find in used book stores and at flea markets. Shows up on Ebay all the time. Usually for less than $5.
U Uncommon: Still relatively easy to find in used book stores but only occasionally. Frequently shows up on Ebay. $5 - $15.
R Rare: Hard to find in used book stores, still it shows up on Ebay once in a while. $5 - $25.
VR Very Rare: forget about used book stores (or consider yourself lucky!), may show up on Ebay every couple of months. $5 - $35.
ER Extremely Rare: Seen it maybe once or twice on Ebay over the past year. $10 - $50 and more.
UR Ultra Rare: One of these very lucky finds of a lifetime. Never seen it on Ebay or maybe once over the last 3 years. $50 and more, often $100+.
IP In Print: This book is currently in print and can be ordered by clicking the 'Order Now'-link
Fun/Info Rating
-- Undesirable! Pretty useless - no special information that you couldn't get from somewhere else, ugly and undesirable book, only for the collector that wants a complete collection.
- Just OK! A little bit of information here and there but nothing that you couldn't get from most other books as well. Nothing special to it, maybe a few drawings or pictures here and there but overall a dissappointment.
o Nice! Information that you can also find in other books but usually specialized in a particular game or listing some less common ones. Has some pictures or drawings. Solid book for collectors.
+ Cool! Lots of nice information, not easily found in other books. Usually numerous drawings or pictures. Highly collectible!
++ Very cool! Tons of info and/or drawings and pictures that you won't find anywhere else! Often with a few color pictures or even 100% in color! This is a must have!