Here are some pictures from the recent 2002 Rustycon:

Silverback by Death By Monkeys / Team Tentacle

The robot formerly know as Killa Gorilla

Hexadecimator by Team Whoopass

More Hexy D

Caliban by Team Whoopass

First a nibble...

...then a bite!!!

Strike Terror by Team Mauser (Richard Chandler on the right)

Battle damage


Juggerbot by Team Juggerbot

Front scoop

Dracolich by Bill Bottenberg

MaddGoth by Bill Bottenberg

Insanity(?) by ???

Death By Monkeys by the same :)

Robots playing

Hexy jr. by Team Whoopass

Hexy jr.'s controller

Dracolich ready for action!

After the carnage... note the pink ear!

Bait by Joe Ludwig

Skewer Rat by the Fobes

At the show

Giant Nut on Hexy D

Team Whoopass, Caliban with toy

Sunshine Lollibot by Andy Miller

Amputation anybody?

UGVscorpion by Brett Dawson

Bulldog by John & Bill Keyes

Movie (2.1 Megs): Silverback righting itself, Dylan

Movie (1.6 Megs): Hexy jr. flipping a bowling ball

Movie (10 Megs): Watch the carnage as Dracolich devours a pink elephant!

Movie (5.5 Megs): Hexy jr. and Death By Monkeys playing with a 60 pound dummy

Movie (1.2 Megs): More playtime for the two little guys...

Movie (1.2 Megs): Hexy jr. flipping a water bottle

Movie (1 Meg): Hexy jr. flipping a cone

Movie (1.6 Megs): Caliban taking a bite out of a bowling ball (later the ball got chopped up)

Movie (6.8 Megs): Caliban annihilates a water bottle

Movie (2.1 Megs): Caliban makes chopped salad

Movie (1.8 Megs): Hexy D tosses a 60 pound dummy into the air

Movie (2.4 Megs): Hexy D throws a cone around

Movie (3 Megs): Bait and Evil Squirrel playing, Dylan

Movie (3 Megs): Evil Squirrel pushing a dummy, Dylan

Movie (1.7 Megs): Caliban slices a bowling ball, Dylan
Movie (3 Megs): Bait dragging a tire around, Dylan


Team Mauser - Strike Terror

Team Tentacle / Team Death By Monkeys - Killa Gorilla

Team Juggerbot - Juggerbot

Andy Miller - Sunshine Lollibot

Bill Bottenberg - Dracolich

Team Whoopass - Caliban, Hexadecimator, Hexy jr.

Dylan - Evil Squirrel

Joe Ludwig - Bait

Team F.E.A.R. - Skewer Rat

My movies are in Quicktime, sorry, that's the shitty format my camera spits out. Dylan's movies are AVIs.
Corrections, typos etc. to: - thanks!

Thanks to Dylan for the extra AVIs!!!