Like mechanical mayhem and destruction? Design & Destroy!

Robot Arena - Design & Destroy

I'm currently reviewing a copy of this game, my first impressions are very positive! If you like robots and mechanical things and if you like to destroy them :) then this game is for you! Expect a detailed review in a week or so! For now check out the press release below or head to your nearest store and get this cool game! You can't go wrong for $20!



Create Unique Metal Machines of Destruction from Scratch and Compete in Combat with the Ultimate Fighting Bot

BEVERLY, MA, Feb. 19, 2003 -- Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM) unleashes no-holds-barred warfare with Robot Arena: Design & Destroy, the fast-paced, arcade-style, robot building game shipping this week for Windows® PCs. It is machine versus machine as players build unique bot creations with flexible tools and components for ultimate customization. Bots then head to the arena for metal-crushing action and devastating combat in this sequel to the highly successful Robot Arena™, released in March 2001.

The Robot Arena: Design & Destroy action begins in the "Robot Workshop" where players can create and build unique fighting machines from scratch in absolute detail, from chassis design to armor, mobility and weaponry. Players can draw a sketch of their bot and the computer creates a 3D chassis design to which players can add components to build the ultimate fighting machine. The game offers more than sixty components, providing limitless customization. Robots can also be fully personalized with paint and decorations for a true custom touch. For players wanting to jump directly into combat, six different pre-assembled bots are available.

Robot Arena: Design & Destroy allows players to be active participants at all times, first with the assembly of magnificent metal machines and then with total control of destruction as players’ bots wage war in a variety of arena-style contests. The twelve different arenas are filled with ramps, platforms, obstacles and hazards that dramatically affect the match. Powerful and flexible tools give players great command over their bots and ultra-realistic physics simulation using the Havok™ Middle-Ware Physics Engine allows robots to collide, push one another, flip over and traverse ramps.

"We are confident that Robot Arena: Design & Destroy will delight the thousands of loyal fans of the first Robot Arena game, now with improved graphics and enhanced physics for incredibly realistic, steel-crunching combat," said Ann Marie Bland, director of marketing for Infogrames.

"The game addresses and improves upon the desires of our core customer which include building, fighting and controlling every aspect of the robot-fighting world."

There are several game types offered in Robot Arena: Design & Destroy including:
  • Deathmatch -- a one-on-one battle to the finish; robotic combat at is most elemental
  • King of the Hill -- robots attempt to hold a position against other attacking bots
  • TableTop -- bots fight on a raised platform with no walls and attempt to push one another off the edge

    Developed by Gabriel Interactive, Robot Arena: Design & Destroy offers multiplayer action for up to four players via LAN or Internet. The game is rated "E" for Everyone, and carries an approximate retail price of $19.99. The Robot Arena Web site hosts a "Bot Exchange" where robot enthusiasts can upload their robot creations or download other original bots shared on the site. For additional information regarding this title or the "Bot Exchange," visit

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