12/30/1999 Big fat update on the Jag CD Project. Happy Y2K everyone!
12/29/1999 Lifted some 'Freeze' pictures from Ebay and added them to Magazine #2.
12/23/1999 Merry Christmas and to my German friends: Frohe Weihnachten, Frohes Fresst und Merry Christ-Mast!!! :)
12/07/1999 Added more cels to the TRON section, updated the Jaguar CD Project section...
12/02/1999 Finally continued work on the Fritz Lang's 'M' section - please send me comments or corrections. Also added some cartoons to the Roaches section.
11/30/1999 Started on issue #18 in the A.N.A.L.O.G. section.
11/29/1999 Updated the Computer Books section.
11/15/1999 A small update to the Jaguar CD Project section...
11/10/1999 Finished issue #5 in the A.N.A.L.O.G. section, added the Seattle Weekly stuff to Magazine #7.
11/06/1999 Added the first part of issue #5 in the A.N.A.L.O.G. section - more to come!
11/05/1999 Ah well, the incompetent judge (who napped through a good part of the trial) has declared MS a monopoly on 'Intel-based desktop PCs' (what about servers? Apple? Larry's $199 NetPC? Motorola? Sparc, MIPS, etc? Interesting definition of a monopoly: just narrow it down long enough until it fits your definition! That's like declaring Mazda a monopoly on 'imported Japanese two-seater convertible sports cars = Miata'.). It's pretty sad that the DOJ (driven by lobbying and funding from Netscape/AOL, Sun and Oracle) spends so much time and money on this to 'save' me (the consumer) from harm. It always makes me very nervous when politicians and government employees think they know what's good for me and what's bad...
As long as I can go to CompUsa and buy an Apple computer, as long as I can go to Netscape.com and download Navigator, as long as I can install Linux (Red Hat or Suse - I have used both!) or BeOS (that one pretty much sucked though) - as long as you and I can do all these things: there is no monopoly, sorry judge, wake up - you're wrong, naptime is over!
11/02/1999 Finally added the winner of the Atari 2600 Championship to Magazine #7!
10/29/1999 Worked a little on the TRON section, added some story board scans.
10/27/1999 Magazine #7 is out - a little skinny but it's there...
10/21/1999 Added the Wacky World Wide Web section :) more to come!
10/15/1999 The Jaguar CD Project is progressing nicely and should be finished this year.
09/13/1999 Added the missing names to the Blue Rangers in Magazine #6.
09/10/1999 More work on the Videopac/Odyssey2 section... far from being done though!
09/06/1999 Added another book in the Videogame Books section and updated Magazine #6 with some minor changes and a new screenshot of 'Space C**t'.
08/25/1999 Finally got Magazine #6 done! It is *huge* and contains hundreds of pics of the CGE'99 in Las Vegas.
07/25/1999 Started filling in the Videopac/Odyssey2 pages, it's still under heavy construction though! Also fixed a few typos here and there.
06/30/1999 Just a few updates in the want and trade lists.
06/20/1999 Completed issue #1 in the A.N.A.L.O.G. section - enjoy!
06/16/1999 Added more books to the recommended computer books section, started with the 'M' section.
06/14/1999 Almost done with issue #1 in the A.N.A.L.O.G. section, added the recommended computer books section.
06/08/1999 Some small changes to the want and trade lists and an update to #1 in the A.N.A.L.O.G. section.
06/06/1999 Added some more US videogame books in the Videogame Books section, scanned in some TRON and A.N.A.L.O.G. items but haven't posted them yet. Fixed pages 1 and 17 for A.N.A.L.O.G. #2.
06/02/1999 Added yet another Web Ring, fixed a few typos and OCR bugs in the A.N.A.L.O.G. section. Also got a stack of additional videogame books in, I'll try to scan them for the Videogame Books section this weekend.
06/01/1999 Scanned and OCR'ed the first A.N.A.L.O.G. magazine, took 10 hours for just one issue - yikes! Check it out in the A.N.A.L.O.G. section.
Also updated my want and trade lists.
05/25/1999 Started work on the TRON section, should be done in a few days. Eh... make that weeks!
05/24/1999 Received my Eye Site Award today - cool :) Also added my preliminary trade and want lists as well as the A.N.A.L.O.G. section.
05/22/1999 Added two more books to the US Videogame Books section. 
05/21/1999 Added the German Videogame Books (pictures are still missing), also updated the CyRo section - sort of :)
05/20/1999 Just some general cleanup work, fixed a few typos...
05/15/1999 Magazine #5 is done! Check it out!
05/11/1999 Added some more US Videogame Books and fixed some broken links. Magazine #5 will be out very soon!
04/11/1999 Added the US Videogame Books section, for now it represents about half the books I own.
04/09/1999 Did my first interview of a former Atari 2600 programmer yesterday, some pretty cool stuff! It will be in Magazine #5 - coming pretty soon!
Also added a new web-counter and fixed a few things here and there.
03/15/1999 Fixed various typos/spellings.
03/12/1999 Added various Web Rings (see bottom of this page). I'm still waiting on some others.
03/02/1999 Uploaded the remaining graphics and frame logic.


Got most of the new frame logic done, also uploaded most of the navigational graphics. Fixed some typos here and there :)

02/24/1999 Finally got Magazine #4 done and uploaded it, but some of the screenshots didn't turn out very well.
01/23/1999 Today was the 1999 NWCGE Meeting - way cool! Magazine #4 will have all about it!
01/05/1999 Internic finally added www.cyberroach.com to their database - I have a new home
01/03/1999 Magazine #3 is done, a little thin but work is taking up too much time.
01/01/1999 I'll soon have a new home thanks to the friendly folks at www.active-server.com . Check back in a few days.
12/29/1998 Attended a Dreamcast Demo at Microsoft, this machine is awesome! I guess it's time for Magazine #3.
11/12/1998 I am running out of disk space on Xoom again and don't want to open yet another Xoom account :) So I am currently looking for a reasonably priced and reliable web hosting service...
08/29/1998 Magazine #2 with the World Of Atari '98 report is now on-line.
08/28/1998 My old location ran out of disk space so I hade to move everything to members.xoom.com/doc_jike - that should last for a while.
08/23/1998 Just came back from the World Of Atari '98 show. It was great, check back for some cool pictures soon!