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Some beautiful shots of the recent Lunar eclipse 10/27/2004 in Seattle. Shot with a Russian 500mm lens, M42 adapter, Canon Digital Rebel.

(Previous pictures of the week/month/year are here)

07/05/2007 The CyberRoach Blog is now up and running, enjoy!
03/28/2006 Various pictures from the SAKURA-CON in Seattle, check out Magazine #23
01/27/2005 Sam's stand-up comedy debut :)
12/17/2004 HALO 2 related pictures from my recent world trip: some flyer scans then some sales displays (all from Japan) and even a pic from Amsterdam.
11/09/2004 HALO 2 launch pictures: EMP party and Redmond midnight launch...
11/07/2004 Here are some pictures from this year's Seattle Classic Gaming Weekend, including the Seattle Atari Championships!
11/06/2004 A while ago PBS stopped by Lee's place and shot a lot of footage for their special "The Videogame Revolution", a 2h show broadcasted nationally during the fall fundraiser. Here are some pictures (issue #19).
10/28/2004 Added some shots of the Lunar eclipse, see top of the page or here (if they are no longer at the top of the page).
08/29/2004 A week ago I was at the 2004 CGE in San Jose - the must-see annual event for classic videogame enthusiasts, here are a ton of pictures and a report will appear soon! Joe, John and Sean and countless others once again put on an awesome show with Steve Wozniak being the highlight. Make sure to visit CGE 2005 in Burlingame!
08/28/2004 Long time, no update :) Sorry, I have been way too busy with a new job, a new love and other things...
Here is version 3.00 of the Madeira Wine Guide!
11/05/2003 Well, today I went with some buddies to see 'The Matrix - Revolutions' and it is quite remarkable how much the premise of these movies has changed. While the original Matrix movie was all about (cyber-) spirituality and salvation the third movie is almost a pure action thrill ride and nothing more. Kind of disappointing! Don't get me wrong - I liked it! I wanted to see *one* thing in Matrix Revolutions - ever since the second part I longed to see these badass-looking mech-type walker-thingies with the Gatling-guns in action. And boy was there ever! Yeah it's kind of the cargo loader from 'Aliens' on steroids and there is dozens of them - nice! And the rest of the movie? Well... I know I will make heavy use of the chapter-forward button on my remote once Revolutions is out on DVD :)
10/30/2003 For the last few days my DSL speed has been way down :( Turns out one of the modem cards @ Verizon had gone bad. 'Junior' of ISOMEDIA (great company) and the Verizon guys fixed it within 24h I brought it up - nice!
Also added some more games in the Virtual LaserActive Museum!
10/26/2003 Thanks to Al for this fantastic LaserActive Promo Brochure in the US Misc section of the Virtual LaserActive Museum! Check it out!
10/19/2003 New picture of the week (see blue-haired girls above), also a major update is in the works, stay tuned.
10/06/2003 I'll try to post a 'picture of the week' in the spot above in weekly (duh!) intervals :)
10/05/2003 I spent the last month in Europe, here are some pictures from the IAA auto show in Frankfurt, Germany - awesome!
09/06/2003 Long overdue: pictures from CGE'2K3, text will show up in about two to three weeks, sorry, too busy :(
07/16/2003 Hey! I am trying to make up for months of website-neglect! Here is the new Madeira Vintage list from Reidar! Check it out in the Madeira Wine Guide!
07/15/2003 And another update to the Madeira Wine Guide, added one new chapter and put another chapter back on-line.
07/13/2003 Long time, no update! :)  Well, here is a new version of the Madeira Wine Guide!
04/04/2003 Here is the review for Xenosaga for the PS2. Great game!!!
03/25/2003 Well, the crazyness of Slashdot is subsiding, check this out to get an idea of how crazy it really was! First there was a little bump thanks to AtariAge and then I got 25% of my annual hits in one weekend thanks to Slashdot! :)  Thanks goes to Cmdr Taco!
03/22/2003 Check out my review for Robot Arena Design&Destroy - a great low-budget title that brings robotic combat to your PC!
03/22/2003 I knew it would happen one of these days... this morning I got slashdotted! :) Anyway, I came into the basement and the webserver (an old P-160 overclocked to 180) sounded like a jet on take-off. My first thought was: I'd either been hacked or I'd been slashdotted. So I first checked on Slashdot and sure enough there it was! Pretty cool!
03/17/2003 A long Seattle Classic Gaming Weekend finished Sunday evening - what a blast! Read all about it right here!
03/10/2003 Expect a detailed review of Robot Arena - Design & Destroy in about 10 days, this game is pretty darn good! If you like robots this one is for you! Head over to the robots section and check out the press release!
02/06/2003 Some pretty big updates to the Madeira Wine Guide. Godspeed to the Columbia crew :(  Seems to me like NASA could use a few Billion Dollars much better than a few wealthy percent benefiting from tax-cut favoritism.
12/28/2002 www.cyberroach.com was mentioned in the November issue of Man!ac Magazine, the leading German videogame publication. All the pictures in the article about the CGE in Las Vegas were from this website - cool! Also mentioned: AtariAge and ResQsoft! The box in the lower left says: "Addresses for Fans - where you can get some of the new CGE releases. Despite the limited production numbers of new cartridges for classic systems you have a real chance to still get some of these titles outside of internet auctions. Just check out the webpages of AtariAge or ResQsoft to acquire some future collectibles. More information about the CGE can be found at www.cyberroach.com - H.R. the guy behind that site also provided the pictures shown on this page." (scanned and posted w/ permission)
12/27/2002 Thanks to Eric we have another completed issue of ANALOG magazine, it's #22, check it out! Thanks Eric!!!
Also: a new chapter was added to the Madeira Wine Guide - the 1795 Mystery!
12/20/2002 Yup, all better now with four name servers :)
Also some small updates in the Madeira Wine guide...
12/18/2002 You may have noticed that my name servers (Granite Canyon) time out every evening PST, I guess GC is just too darn busy. I've started adding 3rd and 4th name servers and expect this problem to be fixed within the next 72 hours.
12/17/2002 Early Christmas for me! Got a really cool Dreamcast retail kiosk, some pictures are here and here! These things are built like tanks, despite the crappy packing job of the sender and despite UPS being unable to distinguish between top and bottom (hello, arrow on box, duh!) the parts arrived in decent shape and cleaned up nicely.
Also a very minor update in the combat robots section on Roto-Reutter :)
12/15/2002 Some small corrections to the Online Madeira Wine Guide - now in version 2.02. Also added some information about Ward Shrake's fantastic Bally Astrocade and Arcadia 2001 multi-carts to CyberRoach magazine #12! These cool items are available directly from Ward himself but he only has a few left!!! And finally: I added some pictures of my pet roaches Sunny & Cher.
12/10/2002 Version 2.01 of the Online Madeira Wine Guide is now up - this is the definitive Internet resource for Madeira Wine connoisseurs!
12/09/2002 Added some old Raven pictures in the Xbox section...
11/20/2002 Here are some pictures from the Xbox Live launch in Redmond: green water, Xbox cookies and the Xbox laser was back as well. Also added some pictures showing some nice Xbox setups from recent SAP-related conferences...
11/15/2002 Wow, so much to tell you about...
First: my old ISP decided to drop all their DSL customers and after 2 years of flawless service they suddenly went in to "we don't give a rat's ass"-mode and as a result this webpage has been down for almost 2 weeks - crap! Thanks to the awesome folks at Isomedia I'm now up and running again! Speed should also be much better now (768 versus 384)!
Second: today Xbox Live went live :) Well, you know I'm a big Xbox-nut to begin with but Xbox Live is just freaking awesome! MechAssault rocks, Ghost Recon kicks ass, MotoGP is a total speed rush and NFL Fever 2003 is just unbelievable! Add Defender (great remake of one of my favorite classic games), Splinter Cell (wow!!!), Shenmue II (nice!), ToeJam and Earl 3 (funky!) and Dr. Muto (very bizarre mad scientist setting - I love it!). Wow, too many good games! Must finish them all! I'm still working on Dead To Rights and Blinx and my GF and I finally finished up Morrowind (very, very good PC-style RPG, one of the best games I've ever played!) and I already have all these other games waiting! Maybe I should just take a month off from work and spend it in front of my Xbox :)
Third: ever since the hard drive crash two months ago I've been trying to come up with a good backup solution and I finally shelled out some bucks and bought the awesome Promise SX4000 RAID 5 controller and a bunch of disks. Yeah baby, yeah! Together with a secondary file server I now have around one terabyte of disk space and an additional off-line backup for all the really important stuff (like this website). How would Duke Nukem say it? "Ahhh! Much better..."
11/02/2002 Big HALO LAN party at Pat's house! Also 7-player Death Tank (Saturn), Rez and Ikaruga (both DC) - too much gaming goodness! Now if only the Phinney PhragPhest would return...
10/14/2002 Added the Pac-PC1 information to the LaserActive section...
08/25/2002 Pages 4 and 5 of the CGE report are now online, including the auction listing.
08/18/2002 A few more pages of the CGE report are ready - enjoy!
08/16/2002 Here is the first part of the trip report from the recent CGE 2002 in Las Vegas, it's going to be work in progress for a few days :)
08/12/2002 Tonight was the Seattle Suckfest... eh Gamefest. The event sucked but playing Xbox on the giant Seahawks stadium was cool!
07/22/2002 The da Vinci Days 2002 in Corvallis, OR had tons of robots, here are some pictures.
07/18/2002 Finally took some pictures of the Xbox Mini - very cool stuff!
07/03/2002 Got some very cool Xbox promo stuff from Japan, check it out!
06/28/2002 Long time, no update :) Here are some pictures from my Battlebot (in its very early stages), click on Roto-Reutter in the left pane.
03/24/2002 Here is the report from last weekends NWCGE Meeting.
03/19/2002 My brother wrote up a very detailed guide about Madeira Wine - the preliminary version is here!
03/18/2002 Thanks to Ron we have another ANALOG done! This time it's #30, check it out!
01/15/2002 Thanks to Dylan for some extra robot pics and videos!
01/13/2002 Here are some robot pics from the 2002 Rustycon
01/12/2002 Added some pics of myself, added Time Gal and Angel Mate in the LaserActive section...
12/31/2001 Happy New Year! Guten Rutsch!!!
12/23/2001 Check out this Limited Edition Xbox - way cool!
12/21/2001 The four missing pages of the LaserActive CLD-A100 Service Manual are now on-line.
12/01/2001 Did you know that the Vectrex videogame starred in the movie "Android"? Check it out...
11/26/2001 Added a description on how to replace the dead lead batteries in Portable Macintosh 5120 or 5126 models.
10/28/2001 And another ANALOG issue is done! This time it's #4, check it out!
10/22/2001 Lots of progress with the Digital ANALOG Project! Thanks to Eric who finished #21 and Ron who is almost done with #30!
10/19/2001 Hmm... look at this giant Xbox 18-wheeler truck that I spotted near Redmond Town Center mall today, nice!
10/12/2001 LaserActive CLD-A100 Service Manual is done - 111 Megs! Please be gentle :)
10/10/2001 The 2nd part of the LaserActive CLD-A100 Service Manual is now on-line.
10/08/2001 A lot has happened in the last four weeks... I hope that despite all the anger, hurt and frustration people realize that bombs never solve anything! Anyway, here is the first part of the LaserActive CLD-A100 Service Manual. Also mark your calendar for November 15th, the US release date of the Xbox. If you are not a believer yet: on 11/15 find somebody with an Xbox, play HALO for 30 mins and then buy one yourself :)
09/06/2001 Instead of finishing the CGE2K1 report I put up some hilarious Atari MTV commercials. What a riot, check them out!
08/18/2001 Here is the report from the CGE2K1, I know you've been waiting for it, please be patient it's still a work in progress :)
08/07/2001 I'm in the middle of re-working the LaserActive section - check it out!
08/06/2001 Guess what I'd like to drive to work? This kick-ass Xbox Monster Truck!
07/30/2001 Also thanks to Ron, there is some progress with ANALOG issue #30...
07/24/2001 Thanks to Ron a lot of typos in the Digital ANALOG Project section got swatted!
07/22/2001 Started to switch the LaserActive section over to a new layout - please let me know what you think!
07/01/2001 Added a sample video of the LaserActive title Zapping TV Satsui.
06/12/2001 Here is the manual for the CLD-A100 LaserActive player!
05/31/2001 Thanks to Vince I was able to add some nice scans of Japanese discs in the LaserActive section!
05/14/2001 Quite a few additions to the Digital ANALOG Project. Thanks to Eric and Daniel!
04/18/2001 Here are some pictures from the Seattle Earthquake - pretty cool stuff!
04/09/2001 Added some miscellaneous photos...
04/08/2001 Another brilliant commercial: Atari The Fly! Check it out here!
04/07/2001 Added the awesome 7up Pac-Man commercial in the misc. Atari section - check it out!
03/30/2001 Tons of new LaserActive pictures, including large pics of the 3D Goggles!
03/24/2001 Scanned the Sears Telegames (Atari 2600) manual, thanks to Lee. The scans turned out really well.
03/23/2001 Added yet more pictures to the NWCGE Meeting thanks to Steve! Check it out here .
03/13/2001 Added detailed information about the C7010 and C7420 in the Videopac section, go to Videopac Hardware.
03/06/2001 More pictures and text in the LaserActive section!
03/05/2001 All done now: Atari 2600 Championship and NWCGE Meeting pics and reports are here .
03/01/2001 Added some more pictures from the recent classic gaming events in Seattle - the texts will follow this weekend!
02/28/2001 Hefty earthquake in Seattle today - 6.8! I was at work, checked if www.cyberroach.com was still running and figured 'web server is up - the damage can't be that bad' :)
02/25/2001 Seattle's Classic Gaming Weekend is over - what a blast! Check out some preliminary photos in the magazine section!
02/16/2001 Here is a perfect example of how NOT to deal with me on Ebay :)
02/09/2001 If you live in the Pacific Northwest you owe it to yourself to visit Seattle's Classic Gaming Weekend February 24th and 25th!
02/03/2001 Added screen shots and attract video for Ghost Rush! and Hi-Roller Battle in the LaserActive section.
02/02/2001 Time for the Blue Chicago Blues screen shots and attract video in the LaserActive section.
01/29/2001 More changes in the LaserActive section, added screen shots for Quiz Econosaurus and side(s) information for most discs.
01/25/2001 More attract videos in the LaserActive section, also added many screen shots!
01/24/2001 Added the attract video for Hyperion in the LaserActive section.
01/17/2001 Added screen shots for Hyperion and Road Prosecutor in the LaserActive section, also the attract video for Road Prosecutor (nice one!).
01/11/2001 Three more videos in the Jaguar section...
01/09/2001 Added two new Jaguar videos: Nerf Max Force and Creature Shock, check them out here.
01/05/2001 More stuff in the Jaguar CD section - check out the Deathwatch page.
01/04/2001 Added various bits and pieces to the Jaguar CD section - check out the Thea Realm Fighters page.
12/31/2000 Happy New Year to everybody! Multiple updates in the LaserActive and Videopac sections.
12/23/2000 Finally! GTE/Verizon managed to get the upgraded DSL into place. Richard seems to be the only knowledgeable guy around there - thanks dude! I still need to set up the DNS entries so cyberroach.com points to this box - I'll do that over Christmas.
Since 12/23/2000 this website is no longer hosted by my former ISP/WSP but it is running out of my basement :) It took a while to get everything set up but it was worth it. Hopefully there won't be any disk space problems anymore - I now have a little over 100 Gigs of total disk capacity. For more technical details see link on the left. Please notify me (remove SPAM-block!) of any errors, broken links, misspelled words etc. that you may encounter - thanks! As you can see the new design is much simpler and less colorful (yes, I know what you thought of the old color scheme!), this is mainly for ergonomic and bandwidth reasons. I'd rather save bandwidth on the frequently visited top-level pages and then waste it further down :)
12/03/2000 More stuff in the Videopac section - check it out!
11/27/2000 Some small additions to the Jaguar CD section and I added a few images that I swiped from Ebay a while ago to the LaserActive section.
11/26/2000 Check out the Jaguar CD section - interesting addition under unreleased games: Caves Of Fear!
11/25/2000 New stuff in the Videopac section - check it out!
11/23/2000 Added a ton of stuff to the Jaguar CD section. The old Jaguar CD project news are still available here.
11/19/2000 Reworked the Roaches section, added some new cartoons.
11/16/2000 Plenty of minor updates but still no upgraded DSL line... :(  :(  :(
11/02/2000 Ah well, the upgraded DSL line is still not here... :(
10/21/2000 Started work on the site re-design, the upgraded DSL line is slated for this week!
10/01/2000 As you may have noticed the XBOX page has been removed a while ago. For the latest on XBOX please go to MSXbox - the ultimate XBOX fan-site!
08/13/2000 It's been in the works for a while: Magazine #10 reports from the CGE2K! Check out the best Las Vegas Classic Gaming Expo report for a third year in a row!
08/08/2000 I'm experiencing disk space problems - parts of the site will be temporarily unavailable!
06/05/2000 Update on the Jag CD Project ...
06/02/2000 Minor update to the M page.
05/31/2000 Finished Magazine #9 - Faran Thomason interview! Lots of info about unreleased Atari Jaguar titles!
04/04/2000 Update on the Jag CD Project ...
03/28/2000 Changed the layout of the X-Box news section - it's now easier to read.
03/10/2000 Added the X-Box news section - this thing is going to rock!
03/05/2000 General bug and typo removal session :) Also added some LaserActive items to my want and trade lists.
02/25/2000 Updated my want and trade lists...
02/23/2000 Finished the update on the Jag CD Project
02/07/2000 Finished Magazine #8 about the NWCGE meeting - check it out.
02/02/2000 Update on the Jag CD Project ...
02/01/2000 Kudos to Eric Petrich! He archived A.N.A.L.O.G. #16 and also sparked an overhaul of the A.N.A.L.O.G. section, cool stuff Eric!!!
01/23/2000 Yeah, much Y2K-hype about nothing... updated some things on the Jag CD Project page. Try to attend the NWGCE meeting if you can - it will be awesome!

Old news are here!

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