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PEASU1003  Space Berserker

Title: Space Berserker
Number: PEASU1003
Type: Mega-LD
Released: 1993
In: US
By: Pioneer
Sides: 1
List Price $120
Rarity: R
Also On:  
Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 8
Sound: 9 (Roland Sound Space)
Overall: 8

Space Berserker is similar to Hyperion: your basic Wing Commander-type space game with multiple missions to complete. You are part of the elite troop of Valkyrie space fighters stationed aboard Space Battleship Odin of the Earth Federation Forces. Alien objects equipped with terrible bio-weapons have invaded the outer earth defense perimeter and the final battle for mankind's survival begins...

So, once again aliens are asking for it and they shell receive. Game play is solid, controls are easy to figure out (including all three weapon buttons) and difficulty level starts out low. In the beginning the gorgeous background graphics are a bit distracting, they are just that good! Different alien opponents require different weapons and with increasing progress the game gets quite intense.

The background graphics off the laserdisk are excellent and are brilliantly combined with the foreground objects generated by the control pack. Together this puts on quite a show and the LaserActive system excels in these mixed source graphics. Video off the disk stays fluid and switching between different scenes is very almost instantaneous. Sound is encoded in RSS and very rich.

One of the better games for the LaserActive system!

Front Cover
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Back Conver
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Spine Card
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