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PEASU1033  Road Prosecutor

Title: Road Prosecutor
Number: PEASU1033
Type: Mega-LD
Released: 1994
In: US
By: Pioneer
Sides: 1
List Price $99
Rarity: R
Also On: Arcade as 'Road Avenger'
Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 8
Sound: 9 (Roland Sound Space)
Overall: 9

Imagine The Road Warrior in Anime style! A gang of hot-rodding punks, the 'Black Crowes', is terrorizing the highways and you are a member of an elite police battle squad. After the bastards killed your wife it's now a personal revenge rampage for you (doesn't that sound just like The Road Warrior?). Well, you're about to teach them a lesson with your police attack vehicle. The 450hp V8 interceptor roars...

Road Prosecutor is a Full Motion Video game, you are driving and have to steer left and right, brake and activate the turbo boost. Braking and turbo can also be combined with a direction for added complexity. The streets can also appear in a mirrored version with makes memorizing the tracks more difficult. The first two tracks are relatively easy but then difficulty increases rapidly.

Graphics are excellent, very smooth and switching between the scenes is instantaneous. The video sequences are arranged in an interleaved format on the disc with key sequences (death, stage complete etc.) occurring multiple times. This helps to speed up scene switching but prevents the video from being watched on a regular laserdisc player - all you'll see is two scenes flickering back and forth. Sound is excellent, the turbo really roars!

Overall one of the best games for the LaserActive system!

Front Cover
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Back Cover
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Spine Card
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