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PEASU1002  Hi-Roller Battle

Title: Hi-Roller Battle
Number: PEASU1002
Type: Mega-LD
Released: 1993
In: US
By: Pioneer
Sides: 1
List Price $120
Rarity: R
Also On:  
Gameplay: 7
Graphics: 7
Sound: 8 (Roland Sound Space)
Overall: 7

You are the crack pilot of a deadly helicopter gunship and are about to embark on numerous high-risk missions deep into enemy territory. After detailed briefings you'll be able to equip your helicopter with various weapons and then it's off to raise some hell!

Hi-Roller Battle plays well but gets really tough in the upper levels. Controls are easy and the weapons tuning does make a difference but that doesn't help a whole lot if you get attacked by 10 enemies at once. That can get a bit frustrating...

The graphics are of military simulator standard and aren't bad but somewhat repetitive and will becoming boring after a while. However background (off the laserdisc) and foreground graphics (generated by the control pack) are well-matched and combined in a seamless fashion. Sound is encoded in RSS but is a little thin for my taste.

Overall a solid title but nothing too exciting.

Front Cover
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