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PEANU5036  J. B. Harold - Blue Chicago Blues

Title: J. B. Harold - Blue Chicago Blues
Number: PEASU5036
Type: Mega-LD
Released: 1995
By: Riverhill Soft Inc. / Pioneer
Sides: 2
List Price $170
Rarity: ER
Also On: PC Engine, Macintosh, Windows 95, 3DO, PS1, SEGA Saturn.
Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 9
Sound: 7
Overall: 9

Blue Chicago Blues is the second adventure of J. B. Harold, the small-town detective from Liberty Ville. This time it is personal for J. B. - his fiancÚ Catherine White is the prime suspect in the murder case of Angie Hart in Chicago. What already starts as an intense case of a killed woman suddenly takes a dramatic turn when J. B.'s girlfriend dies at the same location as the previous victim. In her possession: Angie Hart's murder weapon and a bag of cocaine. Although made to look like a suicide J. B. knows that Catherine's death was murder!

Now J. B. sets out to find the killers of both women and soon it becomes clear that there is a common link in the past of the victims. With the help of a local PD veteran J. B. is setting out to unravel the mystery of Catherine's and Angie's youth while trying to stay alive - a powerful opponent is trying to stop the investigation before J. B. uncovers the secrets of the past.

Multiple endings and tricky challenges give this adventure a good replay value although some of the stock scenes (for example: entering the car to drive somewhere) get a little boring with time. There are multiple ways of solving this case and your actions determine the outcome.

Graphics are a step up from the first J. B. Harold installment, this time most scenes are live-action footage with good and convincing acting, the maps are isometric 3-D views with points of interested clearly marked and the menus have been redesigned as well. Most outside scenes were shot in Chicago and have an authentic feel to it, the inside studio scenes are carefully crafted with great decorations and a fairly big budget (from the looks of it). Scene switching is fast and you can skip many video scenes to speed things up. The intro video is of very good quality and provides a great start into the suspense!

J. B. Harold is portrayed by Richard Alan Hench who had a small part in 'Mob Boss' with Morgan Fairchild. Some of the other actors have played in the stinker 'Fatal Expressions' and Moira Price who plays Jane Bear has a variety of TV appearances under her belt: 'Gilmore Girls', 'Six Feet Under', '7th Haven' to name a few.

Language tracks are available in English and Japanese and overall sound quality is excellent! The voice characteristics match the actor portrayals.

Overall this is the best LaserActive title (together with Triad Stone) published in the US. This game is very polished and pushes the LaserActive system to its technical limits. A must have for every collector of the LaserActive system and every fan of murder-mystery games!

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