Pioneer CLD-A100 English Manual

Legal Disclaimer: Many people frequently ask me about a copy of the Pioneer CLD-A100 manual and unfortunately Pioneer doesn't seem to provide this manual (either online or via mail). So I decided to scan it in and post it here. Please note that I in no form intend to infringe upon Pioneer's copyright or ownership of the information posted below and that I will remove this page at the first request of any Pioneer representative. It is my hope that Pioneer will tolerate this webpage as a service to their customers, after all the CLD-A100 is an outstanding but obsolete product and I think that this webpage and the information provided here can help to enrich and enhance the experience with the CLD-A100 player. All the copyrights to any of the scans below belong to Pioneer Electronic Corporation 1993.

All 32 pages of the original manual are available in JPG format, average size is about 220K per page. Either use Microsoft Word or any decent image processing program to print out the individual pages. I'll be happy to put up any other languages if somebody provides me with clean scans or a clean copy - thanks!