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PEASJ5020  Virtual Cameraman 2

Title: Virtual Cameraman 2
Number: PEASJ5020
Released: 1994
In: Japan
By: Transpegasus
Sides: 1
List Price ¥9,800 / ¥10,094
Rarity: ER
Special: some segments are 3D Glasses compatible
Also On: 3DO: Yumika Sugimoto on VC#3, Shiori Fujitani on VC#4 and Ari Ando on VC#5
Gameplay: 5
Graphics: 8
Sound: 5
Overall: 5

This is the second installment of the Virtual Cameraman series. You are still an aspiring photographer trying to get some good looking models in front of your camera. If your photographic skills and smooth talking can convince them they may show you more than just their smiles. Eh... OK. Believe it or not but they really did make a whole series of games out of this.

After a multiple-choice type conversation with your prospective model she'll either agree or turn you down. If she goes along she'll start posing for you and you can snap pictures (A) and advance the film (L and R a few times). Certain poses are worth more points but risqué poses may deduct points from your total. After the session your photographic talent gets evaluated and you have the chances to save the good shots. Depending on your score you advance to the next session.

Graphics off the disc are very good and nicely combined with the foreground graphics generated by the control pack. The video is smooth and switching between the scenes is instantaneous. The saved pictures display individual frames off the disc - pretty impressive. The video sequences are arranged in straight chapters so you'll be able to watch the disc on a regular (non-LaserActive) player should you be that desperate. Sound is a bit simple and minimal.

Overall not as bad as expected, the three models (Ari Ando, Yumika Sugimoto and Shiori Fujitani) are reasonably attractive but the game play is pretty thin.

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