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PEANJ1016  Vajra 2

Title: Vajra 2
Number: PEANJ1016
Type: LD-ROM2
Released: 1994
In: Japan
By: Datawest / Pioneer
Sides: 2
List Price 9,800 / 10,094
Rarity: UR
Special: 3D Glasses compatible
Also On:  
Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 9
Sound: 8 (Roland Sound Space)
Overall: 9

Vajra 2 is the sequel to Vajra (released in Japan and the US). Once again you need to fight your way through multiple levels to meet the final stage boss. Vajra 2 plays more like Pyramid Patrol than Vajra. Side 2 of the disc doesn't contain extra levels, just background video footage.

Game play is extremely good! Although quite difficult the enemies follow strict patterns, so it's just a question of training, memorizing and a bit of luck.

Vajra 2 has some of the best graphics on the LaserActive system. Background video off the disc is stunning, foreground graphics generated by the control pack are excellent and both are combined beautifully. Here is a disc that really shows off the system's capabilities! Sound is enhanced with RSS and really adds to the immersion - turn it up!

Unfortunately Vajra 2 is very rare and even if you can locate it expect to pay a hefty price. But of all Japanese LaserActive discs this is definitely one of the best!

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