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PEANJ5028  Pretty Illusion - Yuko Sakaki

Title: Pretty Illusion - Yuko Sakaki
Number: PEANJ5028
Type: LD-ROM2
Released: 1994
In: Japan
By: Planet / Wani Books / Pioneer
Sides: 1
List Price 5,800 / 5,974
Rarity: ER
Also On: VCD (published by Sony) and as book 'Take Off' published by Wani Books 1993.
Gameplay: 5
Graphics: 6
Sound: 5
Overall: 5

Pretty Illusion is basically an interactive slideshow with options to 'drill down' into certain slides and with the possibility to edit your own personal slideshow.

This Pretty Illusion disc features Yuko Sakaki, a popular Japanese model/actress.

Pretty Illusion is an interesting but not very exciting and limited demonstration of LaserActive technology. Video switching is seamless and the option to zoom into or pan across slides is unique. Why this interesting technology was wasted on showing a chick in underwear is anybody's guess! Sound is minimal.

Photographer was Harushi Kimura.

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