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PEASJ5030  Dr. Paolo No Totteoki Video

Title: Dr. Paolo No Totteoki Video
Number: PEASJ5030
Released: 1994
In: Japan
By: JP Co. LTD. / Infinity Entertainment Technologies Inc. / DryIce
Sides: 1
List Price 7,800 / 8,034
Rarity: ER
Special: Supports 3D goggles
Also On:  
Gameplay: 2
Graphics: 9
Sound: 4
Overall: 2

Dr. Paolo No Totteoki Video translates into Dr. Paolo See Through Body Video, 'no' means 'of', a word that is very similar in Chinese sentence structure. 'Totteoki' means, by each word,
'transparent', 'analyze', 'body' - the whole term means you watch the woman's figure and body and analyze it, it's kind of perverted.



Overall - sorry not done yet! I played it (or better: tried to play it), this game stinks but hey, it's very rare!

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Back Cover

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