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PEANJ5003  The Demon's Judgment

Title: The Demon's Judgement
Number: PEANJ5003
Type: LD-ROM2
Released: 1993
In: Japan
By: Planet
Sides: 1
List Price 9,800 / 10,094
Rarity: ER
Also On:  
Gameplay: 2
Graphics: 4
Sound: 3
Overall: 2

The Demon's Judgment is based on a popular (???) Japanese game/quiz-show. This LaserActive game brings the excitement (eh... NOT!) of this TV show into your home!

After a short video introduction by The Demon you get to answer some multiple-choice questions. Game play is non-existent - at least for folks like me who don't speak Japanese. Even if I could understand what was going on I just cannot imagine this game getting any better.

The main problem with this title is that it doesn't make use of any of the LaserActive technology. There are no interactive video segments, no great sound, hardly any mixing between background and foreground graphics - just a few video snippets that repeat over and over again and below average graphics and text generated by the control pack. Sound is extremely simple.

Of all the Japanese LaserActive games this one is probably the worst - save your money.

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