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PEANJ5005  Dora Dora Paradise

Title: Dora Dora Paradise
Number: PEANJ5003
Type: LD-ROM2
Released: 1993
In: Japan
By: Planet
Sides: 1
List Price 9,800 / 10,094
Rarity: ER
Also On:  
Gameplay: 3
Graphics: 5
Sound: 3
Overall: 4

Well this is basically strip-Mah Jong and why not? You've got strip-poker in the US and Mah Jong is at least as popular in the far east. Dora Dora Paradise is a two-player version of this four-player game: you against a nameless (it's not on the cover as far as I can see but I don't know Japanese) beauty.

Game play is pretty boring if you don't know how to play Mah Jong - like me :) - but I can't imagine that it would get a lot more exciting even if I did know the rules. Everything is kind of slow and even with just pressing random buttons I seemed to do pretty well - not a good sign.

Graphics off the disc are very good, the video is smooth and switching between the scenes is instantaneous. The video sequences are arranged in straight chapters so you'll be able to watch the disc on a regular (non-LaserActive) player should you be that desperate. The graphics generated by the game pack are reasonably detailed, nothing special though. Sound is very simple and there is no music.

If you have to spend your money on Japanese LaserActive games there are much better titles than Dora Dora Paradise.

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