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PEANJ5002  Angel Mate

Title: Angel Mate
Number: PEANJ5002
Type: LD-ROM2
Released: 1993
In: Japan
By: Planet / Wani
Sides: 1
List Price 9,800 / 10,094
Rarity: ER
Special: Adult game
Also On:  
Gameplay: 4
Graphics: 7
Sound: 3
Overall: 4

Interested in a LaserActive strip poker game? Well, Angel Mate is the right disc for you!

Here you have the chance of playing strip poker with three lovely ladies: Manami Kobayashi, Miho Aimoto and Mirei Asaoka. All three are Japanese adult entertainers of the late 80ies / early 90ies but only Mirei has achieved somewhat of a star status.

After you get dealt your hand you can draw cards, raise the bet, drop or call. If you have won 10 tokens you can buy spins on a roulette where you can win a video segment if you're lucky (chances are 1 in 3). Well, it's poker, not too exciting, not too bad either although I could swear the game cheats!

The graphics are in plain format on the disc - instead of wasting hours on loosing the roulette spins you may as well use a non-LaserActive disc player and watch the video segments straight of the disc.

Graphics of the disc are of high quality as are the game graphics but both types of visuals are separated. Angel Mate doesn't take advantage of the LaserActive's unique capabilities of mixing foreground and background graphics! The poker game graphics are functional and just about average. Sounds is minimal.

Angel Mate is the 2nd rarest title of the Japanese adult games for the LaserActive system and hard to find - even in Japan. But just like all the other adult LaserActive titles the game itself pretty much sucks.

Front Cover

Back Cover

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attract video coming soon!

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