This guide would not have come into existence without the help of many people, trips to the island help from the producers and shippers and other sources and institutions (and some sips of Madeira wine too).

I wish to thank my wife Katrin and my two sons Hans and Georg for their huge patience with this project.

I am indebted to the Madeira wine producing companies on the island in general and especially to the following people (in no particular order): Ricardo de Freitas of Vinhos Barbeito Lda.; Arturo and Edmundo Olim of Artur de Barros e Sousa Lda.; Dr. Helena Borges of H. M. Borges Sucrs. Lda.; Luís d’Oliveira of Pereira d’Oliveira Vinhos Lda.; Sigfredo da Costa Campos and Juan Teixeira of Vinhos Justino Henriques Filhos Lda.; Della Maddison, Francisco Albuquerque, Felipe and Rita of the Madeira Wine Company S. A.

An extra thank you goes to Dr. Bob Sequeira (†) who gave me a copy of the book "A Madeira Party" by Silas Weir Mitchell, to Reidar Andersen for numerous pricelists, pictures, a lot of updating work with the vintage list and a never ending flow of extra information, to Maik Göbel for feedback and information, to Eleni Camperos for the friendly permission to use her scan of the California Madeira label, to Jo Ann Teague for her friendly permission to use her scan of an old Madeira wine bottle, to Bartholomew Broadbent and Michael Broadbent MW for substantial feedback, to Patrick Grubb MW for help with the 1795 vintages, to Alex Liddell for a wealth of information especially about the 1795 Terrantez vintages, to Jancis Robinson MW for feedback and access to her purple pages (see bibliography), to Prof. Alberto Vieira for help with mysterious seals and labels, to Jaanus Andresson, to Anders G. Åkesson, Sam Chafe, Craig McManus, Jorge Morais, Richard Jennings, Danny Younis, Mike from Hawaii, Carlos, Klas Neimark. Pete Parsons, Rhett Baines, Philip Lawrence, Roy Kavin and Frank Papenbrook for additional information and to Mary-Katherine Meyer for revising and proofreading this publication. Last but not least a big thank you goes to my brother Hans Reutter who made the online version of this Madeira wine guide possible.