Pereira D’Oliveira (Vinhos), Lda.

The company of Pereira D’Oliveira (Vinhos), Lda. was founded in 1850 by Joao Pereira d’Oliveira. Associated are Joao Joaquim Camacho and Augusto Cunha; from both companies very few bottles made it into the 21st century.

Pereira D’Oliveira (Vinhos), Lda. today is a small size family company that is still run by the descendents of the founders family. The current annual production of wine is 1.500 hectolitres; the winemaking is done in Sao Martinho. The company owns some vineyards but most of the grapes are bought from selected farmers. Part of the ageing wine is also stored in the Rua dos Ferreiros where the company has its lodge with sales room and office. Immediately to the right you can find the company of Artur de Barros e Sousa, Lda, another producer of madeira wine.

Entrance to the D’Oliveira lodge

View of the tasting room

Their most important export markets are the European countries, Canada and the United States. All the blends (3, 5, 10 and 15 year old) from d’Oliveiras are mainly made from Tinta Negra Mole and all undergo estufagem. The company is famous for its old vintages. Not only is the quality of these of a very high standard, they also seem to exist in large volumes. For decades now, d’Oliveiras has offered an unparalleled variety of old vintage wines dating back to the 1850 Verdelho. Tasting of the vintage wines and the blended wines is free in their tasting and sales room in the Rua dos Ferreiros. Personally I like the 1900 Moscatel vintage best: very fine Moscatel flavor, concentrated, sweet and fruity and has a very, very long lasting flavor. Of the new vintages I like the 1968 Boal best; it has also won a gold medal in 2002.

Old casks at D’Oliveiras

Bottles awaiting export

Pereira D’Oliveira (Vinhos), Lda. will send wine by mail, they can fax you their shipping rates before, which I find very reasonable. Please keep in mind though that the shipment of Alcohol is not allowed to some destinations.

Address: Address: Pereira D’Oliveira (Vinhos), Lda., Rua dos Ferreiros 107, P-9000-082 Funchal, Tel 00351-291-220784/228558, Fax 00351-291-229081. Adega Tel 00351-291-228622. Email:

Vintage wines for sale at D’Oliveiras


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