The Madeira Wine Institute, Instituto do Vinho da Madeira

Address: Rua 5 de Outobro 78, P-9000 Funchal, Tel 00351-291-294600, Fax 00351-291-228685. Open Mon Fri: 9.30am 12.30pm and 2pm 5pm.

IVM sign

View of the IVM building from the backyard

The Instituto does not offer any blends or vintage wines but makes some wine in its own laboratories that is given away for special events or charities. The museum is very interesting, lots of old photographs, lots of information to soak up for the Madeira wine enthusiast.

Founded in 1980, the IVM awards the paper seal on each bottle of island bottled wine. The IVM relieved the Junta Nacional do Vinho. The JNV wax seal of authenticity is described in the chapter about old bottles. The IVM paper seal bears the complete coat of arms of the island or just the cross in the older seals.

Different IVM paper seals

Entrance to the museum of the IVM

Wine press in the IVM museum


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