H. M. Borges, Sucrs. Lda.

The company of H. M. Borges, Sucrs. Lda. was founded in 1877. Associated are Adega Exportadora de Vinhos da Madeira, J. H. Goncalvez & Ca. and Araújo, Henriques & Co. Those brands are still used today.

H. M. Borges, Sucrs. Lda. today is a small to medium size family company that is still run by the descendents of the founders family. The current annual production of wine is 2.500 hectolitres, the total storage capacity is 120.000 hectoliters. As with most of the other producers, the company does not own any vineyards, but purchases the grapes from selected farmers in the areas of Estreito de Camara de Lobos, Campanario and Sao Jorge. Pressing, vinification, estufagem and maturing; it is all done in the one building in the Rua de Janeiro 83. The old building used to be a flour mill, but today contains all the winemaking facilities as well as the bottling line, the tasting room, the laboratory and the office.

HMB sign

Their most important export markets are Japan, the United States and the countries of the European Community. You can still find the old numbering system of the three year old blends (1, 2, 3) that dates back to the wartime exports to Brazil. The 10 and 15 year old blends are made from the traditional varieties, the 3 and 5 year old wines are made from Tinta Negra Mole. Also, all the wines from Tinta undergo estufagem.

The lodge of H. M. Borges in the Rua 31 de Janeiro

H. M. Borges, Sucrs. Lda. is famous for its old vintage wines, but unfortunately these wines have been sold out some years ago. They do however offer a few modern vintage wines, as well as a sweet solera from 1940 that I find very attractive. The company does not sell wines by mail order.

The tasting room at HMB

Big storing casks at HMB

The company would suggest a 5 year old dry or medium dry blend for a beginner with Madeira wine. In my opinion the dry wines of Borges are all rather low in acidity, so even those who do not like the dry Madeira styles so much should give them a try. Borges also plans on extending the colheita style without compromising the vintage wines.

Address: H. M. Borges, Sucrs. Lda., Rua 31 de Janeiro 83, PO Box 92, P-9050-011 Funchal, Tel 00351-291-223247, Fax 00351-291-222281, Email: hmborges@mail.telepac.pt.

View of the bottling line

Packing of the bottles for export


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