„Souvenir Madeira - Album No. 1“

Album No. 1, Edicao Bazar do Povo (Registrado)

The booklet dates from about 1935 and measures about 9 by 14 cm or 3.5 by 5.5 inches. A lot of the pictures are the same as the pictures from the fourth series of historic photographs. In series number 4 you can find a small version of the Edicao Album 4 from the Bazar do Povo.


1. Funchal from the West

2. Funchal from the East

3. Funchal – View from the sea

4. A street of Funchal showing the Se in the background

5. Hammock

6. Bullock Car

7. Sugar cane cutting

8. Reid’s Palace Hotel

9. Monte – Funicular Railway

10. Monte Palace Hotel

11. Terreiro da Luta – “Restaurant Esplanade”

12. The Village of Camara de Lobos