„Madeira Original Glossy Prints“

This little paper box dates from around 1930 and contains 12 small black and white photographs, measuring 7 by 9 cm or 2.75 by 3.5 inches and a table of contents. The front says “12 original glossy photograph prints, Madeira, series 2b”, on the back is a small triangle with the letters C and M&S in it.

Paper box

Table of contents

Picture 1: View of Funchal from the east.

Picture2: View of Funchal from the seaside. On the right side you can spot the Se, on the left side on the hill you can see the Fortalezza do Pico.

Picture 3: View of the city park the Parque de Santa Catharina.

Picture 4: View of the western part of Funchal towards the famous Reid’s Hotel.

Picture 5: View of the bay of Funchal.

Picture 6: View down to Funchal from Terreiro da Luta.

Picture 7: View of the bay of Funchal, opposite direction as picture 6.

Picture 8: The Sè Cathedral seen from the Avenida Arriaga.

Picture 9: Unknown

Picture 10: View of the Fortalezza do Pico, maybe from the Caminho de Santo Antonio, or from the Rua das Maravilhas.

Picture 11: The typical cart for the tourists

Picture 12: Women doing their embroideries in front of one of the typical houses.