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Thanks to (in random order):
Sal Manfredonia
Glenn Bruner
Kevin Manne
B.J. West
Wolf R. Groß
Carl Forhan/Songbird Productions
Gordon Gibson/Sinister Entertainment
Carl Rojas
Mark Santora
Clay Halliwell
Matthias Domin
Ville Järvi
James Garvin/OMC Games
Clint Thompson
Debbie Bestwick
Tony Berumen
Faran Thomason
Phil/Miracle Designs
Donald A. Thomas
Theodore Rusniak
Eric Armstrong
Pete Mortimer/Telegames
Richard Turner
Storm Works Interactive
Terance Williams
Susie Hamilton/Core Design
various people who wish to remain anonymous
Jerry Roe/Band In The Box Entertainment
and a whole bunch of people that I probably forgot
(please email (remove the REMOVEME part!) me if I left you off!)