Return To Zork
Developer: Activision
Publisher: Activision?
State of completion:  
Genre: Adventure game.
Also planned or released for: PC
Notes: Game is listed as a CD game 'on hold' in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

Activision's current IBM PC hit, Return to Zork will soon become available to Jaguar game players. Return to Zork challenges players to solve numerous puzzles as they try to save humanity from the evil spirit, Morphius. Motion picture quality production values and technological innovations make Return to Zork a challenging interactive entertainment experience.
(AEO 2/20)

The next generation of classic Zork adventures makes its triumphant 64-bit debut! The closest an interactive computer game has ever come to cinematic quality production, Return to Zork fully showcases Jaguar's powerful graphic capabilities by combining a mix of full-motion video live action scenes, and photo realistic animation. This amazing 64-bit adventure is filled with danger, intrigue and low cunning. It's loaded with fascinating puzzles, and a revolutionary interface, an original cast of real Hollywood actors, more than an hour of spoken dialogue and 200 CD-quality musical themes.
(AEO 3/1)

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