Zone Hunter
Developer: Virtuality
Publisher: Atari?
State of completion:  
Genre: First person shooter?
Also planned or released for:  
Notes: Game is not listed in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

The software being shown was Zone Hunter, a shoot-everything-that-moves sci-fi game. It was currently running on a dedicated computer (unseen, possibly an IBM PC). A Virtuality rep I talked to says that work on the Jaguar game software has begun; the polygon count will probably be lower in the end, but they expect to make up for it by giving you a larger "virtual world" to play in.
Yes, I got to try the VR gear. B-) ZONE HUNTER is a simple game: you play a futuristic space Marine, who walks around, through, and under a high-tech city, blowing away all sorts of aliens and enemies. Grab powerups for your gun, avoid damage, and reach your checkpoints before time runs out. Nothing too complicated, but it was fun to play - think of it as VR DOOM, if you want (though not as fast). Graphics were plain polygons with a minimal amount of texturemapping; sounds consist of weapons fire and a "radio" voice from your headquarters.
(AEO E3 1995)

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