Wild Cup Soccer
Developer: Telegames
Publisher: Telegames
State of completion:  
Genre Sports game.
Also planned or released for:  
Notes: Game is listed as a cart game due for October 1995 in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

All development on Atari Jaguar titles has been suspended since sales of existing Jaguar titles have been very unsatisfactory.
(Email exchange with Pete Mortimer, Telegames, 1999/2000)

The pseudo-sequel to Brutal Sports Football. Anyone who liked BSF will LOVE this one. In my opinion it is greatly improved over its predecessor, the side view of BSF has been replaced by a FIFA soccer-type view which gives the game a bit more depth. The scrolling has been improved tenfold and is now smooth as a baby's bottom. The game is pretty much the same as before though, forget about the goals and just kill everyone instead, ace! Teams of eleven players will compete to win, anyway they can. Winning means money and money means more weapons and more weapons means more carnage! Yet again, the two player game is the best and will keep you maiming for hours.
(AEO 4/1)

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