Soul Star
Developer: Core Design
Publisher: Atari
State of completion:  
Genre: 2D/3D Shooter.
Also planned or released for: Mega-CD
Notes: Game is listed as a CD game due September 1995 in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

Soul Star - Late '95
Core Design isn't necessarily a name that you'll know, but it is a company that as much as anything else, took Sega's Mega CD and showed exactly what it could do, more often than not far exceeding everyone's expectations. It's expertise was particularly apparent in a game called Soul Star so it's not a bad thing that the Jaguar is to play host to its own version of this super 3D shooter.
The game has no pretensions of being anything other than s straightforward blast-anything-that-moves affair but the fast moving 3D visuals make it so in-yer-face it almost forces its way out of the back of your head - and it plays like a dream. The sounds effects and thumping soundtracks (all in glorious CD quality) lift the experience that extra notch. It may not have the high profile of id's Doom, but as Mega CD owners will already testify, this is a very special game. And it should be all the more special taking into account the Jaguar's extra power.
Core Design know what they're doing so this should be a corker!
(insert to Ultimate Future Gamer #11, 1995)

The only title to appear on the Jaguar was Soulstar... Sorry but we don't have any information about the Jaguar version here since it was licensed and converted out-of-house.
(email exchange with Susie Hamilton Core Design PR Manager, 1999)

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