SkyHammer aka Hammerhead
Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Atari, then ICD and finally Songbird Productions.
State of completion:  
Genre: First person shooter / flying game.
Also planned or released for:  
Notes: Game was listed as a CD game due in December 1995 in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

Alex sez: "A brilliant shoot-em-up. Probably." Rather more helpfully, it's a 3-d texture-mapped game based in a futuristic cityscape reminiscent of Bladerunner, containing elements of flight simulation, wargaming, combat, high-powered weaponry, and more. Current progress: 40% complete. Expected completion date: mid-late '95.
(AEO 3/13)

Was a first person, flight sim in a city environment. The game was far too early to comment on other than I'll say the enemies looked fantastic (all texturemapped) but the control was lacking.... The game is a 3D urban flight combat sim... you attack texture mapped tanks, planes, helicopters, etc. The enemies were VERY pretty. One more note... the EEPROM was dated 9/15/94.
(AEO E3 1995)

Carl Forhan's Songbird Productions picked up this title (among others) and released it for the Atari Jaguar, check the link for ordering information.

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Videos: skyhammr.jpg (11222 bytes)
(video from actual game, thanks Carl!)