Phase Zero
Developer: Hyper Image
Publisher: ?
State of completion: Development was started, game is fairly complete but requires lots of level design work, prototype ROM exists - Mark Santora has it available for download. You will need a flash ROM cart or a modified Jaguar - more information here. A backup location for the binary is here.
Genre: 3D shooter
Also planned or released for:  
Notes: Game is listed as a cartridge game due in October 1995 in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

Phase Zero - Late '95
It's another 3D blaster but this one uses the rather bizarre VOXEL technology (as seen in Comanche on teh Mega CD) to create smooth, undulating landscapes which make up in slick motion what they lack in clarity. The game's at a very early state at the moment, but certainly it's all moving fast enough - so with luck we should be in for a treat.
VOXEL graphics at sixty frames per second? Wowzer! It's amazing. And it's not finished, so we'll say no more for now.
(insert to Ultimate Future Gamer #11, 1995)

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