Mortal Kombat 3
Developer: ?
Publisher: ?
State of completion: ?
Genre: Fighter
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Notes: Game is listed as a cartridge game with due date unkown in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

MK 3 - Late '95
It now looks like the Sony PlayStation will get the first Next Gen version if this superb coin-op, but the Jag version won't be too far behind. The way things have been going it's a pretty safe bet that the Jag version will be arcade perfect (but don't quote us on that), so let's take a look at what makes the coin-op, which appeared just four months ago, so gut-wrenchingly good.
The new character line-up was one of the big pullers. For a start the graphics were a lot more stylish and familiar faces of Jax, Sub Zero, Shang Tsung, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Sonja, and Kano were endowed with a whole range of new moves and abilities. On top of this, some spunky new arrivals were introduced: Sheeva, Sindel, Stryker, Nightwolf, Sektor and Cyrax are a varied and powerful bunch of characters with a host of fabulous abilities which really lift the game above MK 2, which in itself was pretty damn great.
We all know about the fatalities and babalities of the first two games, but rather than rest on their laurels the Williams team added a vast wodge of new features for the third game. Animalities are now available (pretty self explanatory), there are new characters, a hidden special character, yet more special codes and tricks to discover, a more extensive combo system, background that you can interact with, a run button and a new difficulty system.
As for MK's trademark violence there are over 30 different fatalities included. Everyone thought the 2D beat-em-up had gone as far as it could with MK 2 but version three is a stunning piece of work in every way with improvements right across the board. Like we said, unless there is some huge disaster the home versions will all be pretty hot. So, next year, if you're serious about combat games, get it!
Look at that, it gets you all violent and murderous just looking at it! Look at all those characters. The screen will have to be bigger for MK 4.
(insert to Ultimate Future Gamer #11, 1995)

(AEO E3 1995)

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