Wes Craven Presents: Mindripper aka The Outpost
Developer: Atari
Publisher: Atari
State of completion: Movie footage was shot, stills of objects were shot, game engine status unknown.
Genre: First person shooter.
Also planned or released for: PC
Notes: I believe these two games are identical (please compare below).

The Outpost is listed as a CD with unknown due date, Wes Craven Presents: Mindripper is listed as a game due for February 1996 in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

CR: How about Wes Craven Presents Mindripper?
FT: Basically it was kind of a B-movie produced by Wes Craven and we were trying to start a deal with this movie company where we would kind of develop products based on their movies. They were ultimately a B-movie company but they had a lot of really good contacts so, you know, over time the relationship might have actually grown reasonably well and, I mean, for me personally it was good contacts that led me to other work outside of Atari. Mindripper basically would have been a neat first-person horror shooter type game. The movie came out on HBO and video a few years ago, fairly 'schlacky' fair but would have made a neat game. What was cool is that they actually shot it in Bulgaria and I went down to the set and met Lance Hendrikson and hung out with the cast and crew for a few days. All my memories of it are actually pretty cool because we were able to go out on the set and take pictures of all the assets they had out there and they gave us open access to everything, to all the actors, so we had Lance Hendrikson on the blue screen and he was very helpful in getting... in digitizing his likeness to be in the game. And one of the guys that was in Saving Private Ryan who is now almost becoming a big star was in Mindripper too, so it's funny to see some of these people that you've never heard of and that are now becoming big stars or almost big stars. Or like Lance Hendrikson, he is just kind of a legend in that type of genre of film. But no, it was actually a lot of fun and they were shooting in a lot of, you know, kind of weird places, like abandoned nuclear reactor type places in Bulgaria, so it was kind of creepy. Kind of cool, running through these underground catacombs and getting all these shots, the nice things about those places is that, you know, the countries are so poor that they'll allow these movie companies to come in and work with their film infrastructure and give them access to any parts of the city that they want to shot in. So it was actually kind of neat, it would have been to see how the final product would have come out, ultimately there is a lot of cool little things that we wanted to do, put into the game, like multi-player play and things like that. So, first person shooter in the vein of your DOOM, we wanted to do things that haden't been done, like walk on ceilings and stuff like that if you would have played the monster because the monster had his set of abilities and, you know, the human heros had their own set of abilities. And you had to rescue people and things like that, we were trying to add more depth to the first person shooter genre.
CR: Kind of like Alien Vs. Predator?
FT: Yeah, a lot of it was probably influenced by Alien Vs. Predator and we wanted to try to take it one step further.
CR: Sounds way cool! Would have been a fun game!
FT: Yeah, I can't really vouch for the movie too much - it was kind of Wes Craven in some respects just giving some favors back to people that had helped him over his career, by kind of lending his name and credibility to the film but the game, I think, would have actually been a lot of fun! It was right at the point before first person shooters became kind of over-saturated and it would have had some new features, you know.
What we were actually trying to do... that was at the time were they were trying to go multi-platform, there would have actually been a PC and Jaguar-CD version. And it had full motion video from the film, at that time it would have had all the kind of cool things that people were looking for.
CR: I assume the PC version never got anywhere? What was the final status?
FT: No, the PC version got probably even less farther than the Jaguar version. It definitely got started and seemed to move forward and as I remember a few years ago there was even some litigation on trying to tie up the legal lose ends, just making sure that when Atari was no more people got their cuts or at least worked stuff out. Yes, it definitely got started and it was actually planned of it being the first of a multi-game series with that movie company.
CR: Do you remember the name of that company?
FT: Yeah, Kushner-Locke, Donald Kushner the producer of TRON. It was all kind of a independent film company. The game would have been pretty innovative for its time.
(CyberRoach Magazine #9, 2/2000 - Interview with Faran Thomason)

From The Hollywood Reporter comes this interesting tidbit: Kushner-Locke is also making a game for Wes Craven's "The Outpost" with Atari, which went to Bulgaria to shoot special interactive footage of the actors. In addition to actors in the film, Atari hired nine additional actors to serve as characters for the game only.
AEO has since confirmed from Atari that this game is indeed Jaguar-bound. Wes Craven, as many of you know, is the horrormeister behind such scarefests as the Nightmare on Elm Street series; what's planned for this Jag game is bound to be intriguing.
(AEO 3/13)

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