Nerf Max Force aka Max Force
Developer: Genus Microprogramming
Publisher: Atari
State of completion: Development was started but final status is unknown.
Genre: First person shooter.
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Notes: Game is listed as a CD game due in September 1995 in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

Max Force - New year (1996)
There's no game in place yet but as you can see from the promo shots this is going to be based on NERF guns, those toy things with the foam rubber darts. The game should be a sort of Lethal Enforcers affair only with NERF guns instead of real ones (sorry, but you'll have to get your blood-lust sated elsewhere never mind).
(insert to Ultimate Future Gamer #11, 1995)

=*= Max Force (CD) =*=
This game takes place at the Max Force Virtual Training Facility where you must be smart, quick, and accurate with over a dozen Nerf weapons in order to become a member of the elite Max Force Team. While shooting enemies and targets, collect all four pieces of the Max Force medallion and destroy the boss in each level. Three dimensional artwork and first-person perspective with action taking place in a Virtual Reality Simulator guarantee lots of Nerf fun where no one gets hurt.
(AEO 4/5)

Running on the Jaguar CD, this seemed at first to be a Nerf commercial - Nerf guns, Nerf bows, Nerf rapid-fire chain-shooters. All part of the new Nerf "Max Force" line of toys, I guessed. But then the stuff segues into a "Max Force" video game, where kids (young boys) armed with Nerf weaponry take on automated mecha, who fire back with Nerf weapons of their own. Mondo bizzarre... The way I interpret it is that the Nerf folks want to branch into video games, and "Nerf Max Force" is their effort. Nothing resembling an actual game was shown, so I presume this is a very early concept demo at this time.
And before anyone makes cheap jokes about Atari and Nerf and desperation, I will add that the "Max Force" plug mentions that the game will appearing for "all major video game systems" in the near future.
(AEO E3 1995)

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(video from Atari Demo and Commercial tape)

(video from E3 1995 Atari Demo tape, AEO tape)