Kick Off 3
Developer: Anco
Publisher: Anco?
State of completion:  
Also planned or released for:  
Notes: Game is listed as a cart game due in 'unknown' in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

Kick Off 3 is a soccer game from Anco. Versions 1 & 2 (available on the ST) were the most playable soccer games ever made. Kick Off 3 is of course better and offers many new features. The game is now side-on view (watching from the stands) with much, much larger and better animated players. It is scheduled to be released in June/July time frame, Kick Off 3 on Jaguar sounds very exciting.
(AEO 3/7)

Imagineer reported that KickOff 3 "development is taking place on schedule." EPROMs of this great soccer game have been reported in the Atari HQ, but the latest reports show a reworking of the code to correct a bug. Look for this one towards Fall.
(AEO 3/8)

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