James Pond 3 - Operation Starfish
Developer: Telegames
Publisher: Telegames
State of completion:  
Also planned or released for: Genesis
Notes: Game is listed as a cart game due in November 1995 in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

If you have just seen Zool 2 you will have some idea of what this game is like. Bright colors, great music and the kiddies will love it. I don't. Sure it will be improved over the Genesis version and it will have redesigned levels, but I want a bit more than this.
(AEO 4/1)

All development on Atari Jaguar titles has been suspended since sales of existing Jaguar titles have been very unsatisfactory.
(Email exchange with Pete Mortimer, Telegames, 1999/2000)

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