Hosenose And Booger
Developer: All Systems Go
Publisher: ?
State of completion:  
Also planned or released for:  
Notes: Game is listed as a cart game due in Q1/1995 in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

Here's one for the sick and twisted. Hosenose has a cold and as fate would have it, he's managed to sneeze and suck his girlfriend Hotsnot deep into his brain. In a unique gaming experience that fully showcases Jaguar's monster graphic capabilities, you'll take a nose-dive into Hosenose's sinuous nasal passages in search of the lovely yet cerebral Hotsnot. Through every organ and orifice you'll meet a wild cast of disgusting characters, including Mickki Mewkus, Logjam Sam, Vicki Virus, and the Evil Dr. Bile. An off-beat animated adventure only the 64-bit power of Jaguar can deliver.
(AEO 3/1)

Moving on to software, ASG keyed AEO in on their upcoming Jag game, Hosenose and Booger. Keep in mind that ASG is primarily interested in doing polygonally rendered games in real time. When asked why they chose to do Hosenose and Booger in the first place, they said "It was too funny to pass up." They described it as an action platform adventure. You will do battle with all sorts of human fluids, substances, products, viruses, etc, all inside Hosenose's infested body. While it may sound rather humorous, H&B is being taken very seriously by ASG. H&B was in design for over a year before any code was even written. They are committed to making H&B the Jaguar's Sonic or Mario. They emphasized superb gameplay and unreal comical graphics as two key features in H&B not to mention the downright gross creatures you come across throughout the game. H&B is definitely planned to be out before Christmas, in fact, ASG reported that they were hoping for a late fall release. I can't wait!
(AEO 5/9)

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