Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket aka World Class Cricket
Developer: Telegames
Publisher: Telegames
State of completion:  
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Notes: Game is listed as a cart game due for October 1995 in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

World class what? Cricket? Yep, Telegame's next major project is a recreation of a sport many of us don't even know how to play. (No offense to those overseas reading this who enjoy this game - or to Travis, who seems to have an interest in the title....) The closest analogy I can think of is that Cricket is to Baseball like Rugby is to Football. All that was shown at the SCES was a self running demo with a couple animation sequences. Terry Grantham of Telegames mentioned that they are very excited about World Class Cricket. They stated that they feel it will be such a solid game that it may interest many people who have never even heard of Cricket. Already on the PC in England, Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket has been dubbed "the first good Cricket game." I'm sure Telegames will make sure that the Jag version is more than "good."
(AEO SCES 1994)

This action packed title (not!) will have plenty of options, slick presentation, save and replay modes so you can see your favorite six-hit over and over. The game may have some neat graphical touches such as zooming camera angles that pan round the pitch and follow the ball. This is another April release.
(AEO 4/1)

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