Title Developer Publisher Notes Also Released For
Acro The Acro-Bat Sunsoft ?   SNES, Genesis
Age Of Darkness CD OMC Games OMC Games    
Akira Hand Made Software ?    
Alien Vs Predator 2 Rebellion? Atari These two AvP items could be the same but the price list has them separately!  
Alien Vs Predator The CD Rebellion? Atari  
Allegiance Team 17 ?    
Al Michaels Announces Hardball III Atari Accolade/Atari   PC, SNES. Genesis
Alone In The Dark ? Infogrames    
American Football ? Parker Brothers    
American Hero Atari Atari GameFilm PC release possible?
Another World ? Interplay    
Apeshit ? Ocean    
Arena Football League V-Real Interactive Atari    
Artemis CD Springer Spaniel (Software) Springer Spaniel (Software)    
The Assassin OMC Games OMC Games    
Assault: Covert Ops Midnite Software Midnite Software    
Asteroids Sinister Development ?   Arcade and many others
Atari Mascot Game Atari Atari    
Automaniacs Visual Dimensions 3D Visual Dimensions 3D    
Azeron Beyond Games Beyond Games    
Bases Loaded ? Jaleco   NES
Batman Forever CD Atari Atari   Saturn, LYNX (cart-based)
Batman: The Animated Series ? Atari    
Battle Chess CD ? Interplay   PC, Amiga, 3DO, Atari ST
Battle Sonics ? ?    
Battlesphere 4Play 4Play Released!  
Battlewheels 2025 Beyond Games Beyond Games   LYNX
Battlezone 2000 ? ? Was renamed to and released as 'Hover Strike' since it strayed too much from the BZ2K concept  
Bios Fear All Systems Go Technologies ?   planned for 3DO
Black ICE\White Noise CD Atari Atari    
Bong+ 1999 Just Claws ? JagServer  
Brett Hull Hockey Ringler Atari/Accolade Prototype exists. Genesis, NES
Brett Hull Hockey CD Ringler Atari/Accolade Two CD-based prototypes exist!  
Bugs Bunny's Cartoon Capers ? Sunsoft    
Casino Royale Telegames Telegames    
Caves of Fear CD Atari Atari FMV was shown - don't have it though :(  
CD League Bowling CD ? V-Real This was probably renamed to Starlight Bowl-A-Rama  
Center Court Tennis ? Zeppelin    
Centipede 2000 Dark Science ?    
Chaos Agenda CD ? ? See Black ICE\White Noise (was renamed)  
Charles Barkley 'Shut Up And Jam' Basketball Ringler Atari/Accolade   Genesis, NES
Cheesy ? Ocean    
Chuck Norris Rangers CD ? ?    
Circle Of Four CD JV Enterprises ?    
Cisco Heat ? Jaleco    
Clay Fighters ? ?   SNES, Genesis
The Cleansing: Starring Bill Donahue Band In The Box Entertainment ? FPS, ca. 20% done  
Commander Blood CD ? Atari   PC
Commando CD Microids ?    
Conan The Barbarian Atari ?    
Country Grid CD High Voltage Software Atari    
Creature Shock CD Argonaut Software Atari?   PC, CD-I, 3DO,  Saturn, PSX?
Crime Patrol CD ? American Laser Games   3DO, Arcade
Cyber Space ? Empire?    
Cyber Punk City ? Atari Is this the same as Cyber Space? Probably not since Cyber Space lists Empire as the publisher  
Dactyl Joust High Voltage Software Atari    
Dante's Inferno CD Gorilla Systems Atari    
Deathwatch Data Design InterActive Atari Same as Deathmatch (typo).  
Defcon 1 CD Dark Knight / Visual Dimensions 3D Dark Knight 'Tomb Raider'-style game? Phony?  
Demolition Man Virgin Atari These two items are probably the same but they are listed separately. NES, SNES, 3DO
Demolition Man CD Virgin Atari  
Deus Ex Machina CD Silmarils ? 2nd part of the Robinson's Requiem series  
Dino Dudes 2  Imagitec Atari    
Dracula The Undead CD ? Atari   LYNX (cart-based)
Dragon's Lair II Time Warp CD Readysoft? Readysoft Mostly finished? Have video. PC, CD-I, DVD
Dream Web ? ?    
Droppings ? Delta Music Systems    
Dune Racer ? Atari    
Dungeon Depths Midnite Software Midnite Software Have fake screen art.  
Earthworm Jim 1 ? Softgold   SNES, Genesis, Sega CD (special edition)
Earthworm Jim 2 ? Softgold   Saturn
European Soccer Challenge Telegames Telegames    
Evidence CD ? Microids    
Falcon ? Spectrum Holobyte   PC
FIFA International Soccer CD Electronic Arts ?   SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, PC, N64, GameBoy
Formula One Racing CD Teque ? This was renamed to and release as World Tour Racing  
Freelancer 2120 CD Imagitec Atari    
Frank Thomas 'Big Hurt' Baseball Acclaim Atari   Genesis, SNES, Saturn
Galactic Gladiators Photosurrealism ?    
Gorf 2000 / Gorf pluz Krunch Corporation/ Force Design ?    
Gotcha! ? Atari?    
Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket Telegames Telegames    
Gravon VR Suma ? For the Virtual Reality Headset.  
Gunfight Max Band In The Box ?    
Gunship 2000 ? Microprose    
Hammerhead Rebellion ? See Skyhammer (was renamed)  
Hardball III ? Atari    
Heart Of Darkness CD ? Virgin   Playstation
Highlander II CD Lore Design Atari Planned to be a 1-player adventure game.  
Highlander III CD Lore Design Atari Planned to be a 1-player adventure game plus a 1-against-1 sword-fighting game for 2 players!  
Horrorscrope CD V-Real Interactive  ?    
Hosenose And Booger All Systems Go Technologies  ?    
Hover Hunter ? ? See Phase Zero (was renamed)  
Hover Strike Atari Atari Listed as cart, later released as CD.  
Hyper Force Visual Impact Songbird Productions Released!  
Indiana Jags Virtual Experience ?    
Inferno ? ? Probably see Dante's Inferno  
Iratan Supremacy Level Seven ?    
Iron Man / XO-Manowar Acclaim Atari   PS, Saturn, GB, GG
Ishar Genesis CD Silmarils   3rd part of the Robinson's Requiem series (the prequel)  
Isle Of The Dead Rainmaker ?    
Jack Nicklaus Cyber Golf CD? Hand Made Software Atari/Accolade These two items are probably the same but they are listed separately.  
Jack Nicklaus Power Challenge Golf Hand Made Software Atari/Accolade  
Jag Bomberman Genetic Fantasia Atari?    
James Pond 3 Operation Starfish Telegames Telegames    
Jagmania Matthias Domin ?    
Jagmarble Matthias Domin ?    
Jagtris Bastian Schick ?    
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis ? UBI Soft   Lynx
Kart Cybervision? ?    
Kasumi Ninja II CD ? Atari    
Kick Off 3 - World Cup Anco Software ?   Many others
Kid Grid CD High Voltage Software Atari    
Kingdom - The Far Reaches Interplay ?   3DO
Legion Force Jidai Force Design Force Design Also known as NEXT  
Legions Of The Undead Rebellion Atari    
Lester The Unlikely DTMC DTMC    
Livewire Black Scorpion ?    
Lion Hart ? ?    
Litil Divil CD Gremlin Graphics ?   CD-I
Lobo CD Ocean ?    
Mad Dog McCree American Laser Games ?   Arcade, 3DO, PC, Mac, CD-I, SEGA CD. Possibly DVD in the near future...
Major Havoc (2000) Llamasoft? Atari? Just a proposal, no work exists.  
Magic Carpet CD Bullfrog Atari   PC, Saturn, PSX
Max Force / Nerf Max Force Genus Atari Are these two the same?  
Max Force / Nerf Max Force CD Genus Atari  
Mech Tiles Beyond Games ?   development was started for Lynx (Songbird may be finishing it)
Wes Craven presents: Mind-Ripper CD Atari Atari    
Miniature Golf DTMC DTMC    
Mortal Kombat III CD Williams Brothers Atari   Genesis, PC, Saturn, PSX
Mountain Sports DTMC DTMC    
Nanoterror Delta Music Systems ?    
Native Duranik Software, Native Reborn Dev Team ?    
Navy Command Microids ?    
The Need For Speed CD Electronic Arts ?   PC, 3DO, PSX
Nerves Of Steel Rainmaker ?   PC
Neurodancer CD PIXIS International     PC
No Second Prize ? ?    
Off Road Rally ? ?    
Oracle Octave Ast Prg ? ?    
Orb Of Banzai CD OMC Games ?    
The Outpost CD? Atari? Atari?    
Painter Sinister Developments ?    
Phase Zero Hyper Image Atari    
Phear H2O Design Atari   Released as 'Tetrisphere' for N64
Pitfall II Activision ? This is listed separately from Pitfall The Mayan Adventure!  
Powerdrive ? Telegames    
Power Glide Elite ?    
Powerslide CD Williams Brothers Telegames    
Protector Bethesda Softworks,Songbird Productions Songbird Productions Released! A similar Defender-type game exists for the VIC and other early 8Bit home computers
Quake ID Software ?   PC, Mac, Saturn, N64, PS (was Quake 2?)
Rage Rally Rage Atari Was released as 'Power Drive Rally'.  
Rainbow Warrior 3D Games ?    
Redemption CD? ? ?    
Redline Racing Rebellion ? Was released as 'Checkered Flag'.  
Return Fire CD Alexandria ?   3DO
Return Of Magic Virtual Art.??? Artists? ?    
Return To Zork CD Activision ?   PC
Rise Of The Robots CD Williams Brothers Time-Warner   SNES, 3DO, PC
River Raid Activision ?    
Robinson's Requiem CD Silmarils? Readsoft? Atari   3DO, PC, Amiga?, Amiga CD32?, Mac?, Atari ST?
Robotron: 2084 ? Atari   Lynx and others
Rocky Horror Interactive CD Transylvania Interactive Ltd. Atari   PC
Rollcage Team 17 ?    
S.A.I. Corps Band In The Box Entertainment      
Scottish Open Virtual Golf CD Core Design ?   PC?
The Shadow ? ?    
Sinister Missions CD OMC Games ?    
Slam Racer Sinister Developments ?    
Skeeball     Jag was used as electronic scorer on a classic Skeeball machine - no software  
Skyhammer CD Rebellion Atari? It was originally announced as a CD...  
Skyhammer Rebellion Songbird Productions Released!  
Snap Dragon ? ?    
Soccer Kid Krisalis Songbird Productions Released! 3DO
Soul Star CD Core Design Atari   Sega CD
Space Pirates CD ? Atari Not sure if this is related to the 3DO version of Space Pirates! 3DO
Space War 2000 Atari Atari Said to be 50-100%% done, rumored to have been abandoned after seeing 4Play's Battlesphere. Have screenshots.  
Starlight Bowl-A-Rama CD V-Real Interactive ?    
Starbattle 4Play 4Play SEE BATTLESPHERE (was renamed)  
Starnet ? ?    
Star Raiders 2000 Atari Atari SEE SPACE WAR 2000 (was renamed)  
Star Trek: The Next Generation ? Spectrum Holobyte   announced for 3DO - not finished
Striker '95 CD Rage Time-Warner Also referred to as Striker '95 Soccer. These two items are probably the same but they are listed separately.  
Striker '95 Rage Time-Warner  
Stunt Car Racer ? ?    
Sudden Impact ? ?    
Super Off-Road ? Telegames    
Swagman CD Core Design ?   PSX
T-Mek ? Time-Warner   PC, 32X
Tennis ? ? No further description was given.  
TFX ? Ocean The PC version was done by Digital Image Design. PC
Thea Realm Fighters High Voltage Software Atari    
Thunderhawk CD Core Design ?    
Thunderstalker CD Telegames Telegames These two items are probably the same but they are listed separately.  
Thunderstalker Telegames Telegames  
Tiny Toon Adventures ? Atari?    
Tomb Raider Core Design ? Also referred to as Laura Cruz: Tomb Raider PC, Saturn, PSX
Toki: Going Ape Spit ? Ocean Screenshots exist... internal project name might have been 'Ape Shit'  
Total Carnage Hand Made Software ?   GB, SNES
Twin Crystals Sinister Developments ? A Gauntlet style RPG game, never progressed beyond the initial planning phase.  
Ultimate Brain Games Telegames Telegames    
Valus Force ? Atari Related to Varuna's Forces?  
Varuna's Forces CD Accent Media Atari? Video demo consists of FMV and looks 'faked'. Have fake? video. 'prototype' sold on Ebay  
Video Jukebox All Systems Go Technologies   Not intended for end users!  
Virtual VCS Temporary Sanity Designs, Songbird Productions Atari, now Songbird Productions. About 50% done, could emulate 9 Atari 2600 games and probably more but no sound, collision etc. Have video, have permissions, have screenshots.  
Virtual Warriors Rainmaker ?    
Virtuoso Williams Brothers Telegames These two items are probably the same but they are listed separately. 3DO
Virtuoso CD Williams Brothers Telegames  
Warlock ? ?   Genesis, SNES
Waterworld Ocean Ocean   Other platforms include Virtual Boy; the version that would have been on the Jag would have resembled the PC version (released) and the 3DO version (shown on Interplay’s 3DO Buffet sampler, but unreleased)
Wayne Gretzky NHL Hockey CD Time-Warner Time-Warner    
Wild Cup Soccer Telegames Telegames    
Wing Commander III Electronic Arts ?   PC, 3DO, PSX
Witchwood Team 17 Atari    
World Circuit ? ?    
World Cup Anco Software ?    
X-Racers ? ?    
Zodiac Fighters V-Real Interactive ?    
Zone Hunter Virtuality Atari For the Virtual Reality Headset. Released for the Virtuality System. Virtuality System
ZZyorxx II Virtual Experience ?