Commander Blood
Developer: Microfolie's Editions?
Publisher: Mindscape/Atari
State of completion: Video demo exists on 1995 Atari demo tape, video of animated title sequence exists - both probably from the PC version.
Also planned or released for: PC 1994
Notes: =*= Commander Blood (CD) =*=
Bob Morlock, the oldest being in the universe, is the boss of Kanary Corp., a gigantic business he founded over two hundred thousand years ago. All of his millions of employees were built by and for Kanary, which spends colossal sums of money just to keep Bob alive. Bob has felt the end approaching so it is time to delve into the meaning of life, the central truth of existence. Bob has put together an expedition through time to the final destination: the Big Bang. The Kanary Research Corp. scientists have developed an amazing black hole, name Oddland; a new era in space travel has dawned.
As Commander Blood, you take command of the Ark (the best spaceship anyplace, anytime), aided by Hank, the onboard bioconsciousness, and Olga, the onboard translator), with Morlock on board as well. Your job is to fly through Oddland as often as it takes to get to the Big Bang. However, black holes aren't just the natural boundary points between universes, they're also political borders and are heavily guarded by SCRUT ships.
To make your trip a little easier, you have several identities: frozen meat salesman, roadie for the famous "Migrators" rock band, etc. Each universe contains not only business and military vessels, but also a number of planets. You'll need to make friends, do favors, or get involved in local wars to gather information you will need. Good luck!
(AEO 4/5)
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(video from Atari Demo and Commercial tape) 

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(video from Commander Blood trailer, PC version)