Developer: 4Play
Publisher: ScatoLOGIC Inc.
State of completion: Released 02/29/2000.
Genre: First person space shooter with multiplayer options.
Also planned or released for: I hope for many other systems! Xbox, please!!! :)
Notes: Bar none this is the best Jaguar game ever, period! After a long six years and an insane amount of work the folks of 4Play finally finished it! The first time I saw Battlesphere was at the World Of Atari 1998 in Las Vegas and I was instantly impressed. The graphics, the overall game design and most important: the playability. These days, after playing Battlesphere for many hours I'm even more impressed!

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Most likely led to the cancellation of Space War 2000 (personally I don't doubt that for a second!).

Screenshots, Pictures:  
(video from actual game, thanks Carl!)