Deathwatch aka Deathmatch
Developer: Data Design InterActive
Publisher: Atari?
State of completion: Video exists (was shown at E3 1995), looks fairly playable.
Genre: Platform game.
Also planned or released for: ?
Notes: Game is listed as a cart game due for November 1995 in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

Deathwatch - Late '95
Another platformer, and one with loads of shooty action, but more importantly, one that has graphics the like of which you've never seen. Just get a load of this beautiful artwork. Thrill to the subtle colours, gasp at the gorgeous textures, go a bit funny in the head at the beautifully designed characters.
This man has very big boots. And he has a very large gun thing.
(insert to Ultimate Future Gamer #11, 1995)

From out of nowhere, with no name, Visual Design Studios (I -think- that's the developer) comes out with a cutesy gun-totin' platform title. You controlled a little warrior cartoon character who looks somewhat like the "Plok!" video hero and who wields a big gun. He shoots and punches enemies, grabs various spheres, and leaps on floating platforms and bottomless chasms in typical platformer fashion. It was a very early game, but already seemed interesting - there were several layers of smooth parallax scrolling, lots of color, and crisp animation. But it's far too early to tell...
(AEO E3 1995)

I guess it's the other way around, Deathmatch was a typo, the title is really Deathwatch, thanks Clay!

Screenshots, Pictures: dwatch.jpg (59038 bytes)
(video from E3 1995 Atari Demo tape, AEO tape)