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Magazine #7 4/99


Due to serious time constraints his is going to be a really short one! Just a few pictures and notes from the Penny & Perk fourth annual

Atari 2600 Championship

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October 23rd 1999 was the date of Penny & Perk's fourth annual Atari 2600 Championship in Seattle. The location was the cool Hi*Score Arcade at 612 E. Pine Street in the Capitol Hill district. Besides plenty of old and new video games this arcade features a little retro-store that deals with such things as old Star Wars toys, Farah Fawcett dolls (yikes!), TRON items and of course tons of classic video games and related items.

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612 E. Pine Street The Hi*Score Arcade On the wall: Atari 2600 PCBs...

The starting fee was $5, for an extra $3 you got an awesome t-shirt with silver and red print featuring a classic Atari joystick on the front and the event description on the back. The starting fee included a few slices of good pizza that suddenly showed up, soda cans were available for two quarters. Overall it was a great event, lots of fun and definitely non-profit oriented.

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T-shirt front Pizza! Pizza! T-shirt back

The players competed in four games: Missile Command, Kaboom!, Warloards, Air-Sea Battle and Moon Patrol. Registration and warm-up started at 1:00 pm, the competition started at 3:00 pm.

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Warming up... The trophy! Notice the golden joystick!

The winner Greg Alt (spelling?) received an Atari Space Age Jacket some other prizes and a gift certificate and his name was placed among the past champions on the golden trophy.

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The nice staff! More practice... The competition!

The NWGCE was present: Lee and me attended and Lee did very well but was eliminated in the Air-Sea Battle competition. Lee also demonstrated his 'John Deere special edition Atari 2600' and various parody labels as well as the Y2K Edition of the awesome Worship The Woodgrain CD-set.

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'John Deere special edition Atari 2600' Ultra rare Atari 2600 games?
ResQsoft, Alien vs. Predator, johnny tractor (shipped with the John Deere console?), NWGCE Invaders and Planet Of The Apes.
Lee shows Bob's NWGCE Invaders game to a fan.

Check out Lee's ResQsoft page for more information on these parody carts and the John Deere console :)

The tournament was a lot of fun and kudos to the Penny & Perk folks who put in all the work! They are true fans and deserve a round of applause! If you are looking for any cool classic gaming items (especially tons of very reasonably priced t-shirts!): stop by at the Hi*Score Arcade and check it out! Seattle Weekly sent it's reporter Michaelangelo Matos and had this nice article, scans of the cover (16KB), first page (622KB) and second page (255KB) are also available.

 Bits 'n Pieces

The Jaguar CD is progressing nicely, I'm currently waiting for an update from the Battlesphere guys and some more information from a former Atari employee...

Lee Krueger is now shipping the 2nd edition of his awesome Worship The Woodgrain CD-set. This one includes two new Atari prototypes playable via the Starpath Supercharger and is one of these 'must have'-items for anybody wanting to have fun with the Atari 2600 (and any serious collector of course!). More information can be found at his website.

Age Of Kings (Microsoft game for Windows PC) is a blast! Highly recommended!

If you have any classic video game books or any Odyssey2-related items (software, hardware, books, magazines, promo material) or even Odyssey3 items: please send me your lists - thanks!


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