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Magazine #4 1/99


Almost three weeks late but here is is: CYRO Mag #4. The interviews with the former Atari 2600 programmers had to be delayed, I was way too busy at work to meet with him and her.
But meanwhile I attended the third...

NWCGE Meeting

On January 23rd 1999 the Northwest Classic Gaming Enthusiasts held their meeting in Oak Harbor on beautiful Whidbey Island near Seattle, WA. While the area is really stunning (especially with the great weather, see below), participation definitely suffered from this remote location and only a few hardcore gamers found their way to Oak Harbor.

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Organized by Lee and Rob of NWCGE it was a blast! The facilities were great, many rare items were on display and lots of trading buying and selling was going on. Among the many highlights of the meeting was a demo of the Atari Video Music system, a demo of the Videopac + (Odyssey3) Basic Interpreter (well, I should say attempted demo since I didn't get the freaking video-hookup to work) and Lee with his brand-new 'Worship The Woodgrain'-CD which is a must have for every Atari 2600 fan!

Here is Lee with his WTW-CD, notice the Atari 2600 with a Starpath Supercharger and the little portable CD player hooked up to it.

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The Worship The Woodgrain compilation comes on 4(!!!) CDs, contains tons of games and is absolutely cool, more details below.

Lee also showed the Atari Video Music system in action, some major retro-70ies feelings, groovy man! Should have worn the tie-dye t-shirt - mellow! Unfortunately I only had a cheapo camera that doesn't do good screenshots (should have brought the Ricoh XR-X!) but here are some pictures to give you an idea of how that thing looked:

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Well, you get the idea, kind of like the grandfather of the Atari Jaguar Virtual Light Machine and of course with groovy Woodgrain  :)

There was a lot of selling, buying and trading of goodies (notice the boxes in the picture above) and tons of rare items. Check out the Atari Imagic Store Demo Unit,  the original Intellivision Computer (compare to the later version of the Intellivision Computer!) and the rare Playboy Electronic Guides in front of the Vectrex console.

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'Hidden' under the table was even a second original Intellivision Computer (some of us have been searching for years and here were two at once!). There was also a nice side-by-side setup of an Apple IIc and a Commodore VIC, both very decent game machines (with the exception of the crappy sound on the Apple).

Finally there was a nice Show And Tell Table, packed with unusual to extremely rare items, check out the silver Sylvania Intellivision, the Entex Select-A-Game handheld, the Atari Video Music system (mint in box with docs, warrantee card, bag and Styrofoam!), some nice Atari LYNX lapel pins, a Videopac + (Odyssey3) with some + games, Coleco Combat console and an Atari Stunt Cycle console.

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Overall a great meeting and thanks a lot to Lee and Rob for organizing this! Hopefully the location will be a little closer to Seattle the next time. If you can provide a nice room (big enough and with enough outlets) please contact Lee and let him know - thanks!


Worship The Woodgrain Preview

Worship The Woodgrain is an absolutely cool Atari 2600 games collection by Lee Krueger. This set of four(!) CDs contains almost 400(!!!) Atari 2600 games that can be loaded into your Atari 2600 via a Starpath Supercharger. If you ever thought of buying one of these multi-carts - forget it, this CD set is so much better!

A little more than half of the games will run on a standard Supercharger, just get one from places like Ebay or check in the classic video game newsgroups. The other 200 or so games require a small modification - nothing too difficult but it will require opening the Supercharger case and adding a small toggle switch and a logic chip (OR gates). These are audio files so they won't run in Atari 2600 emulators but that's not what they are designed for! These CDs are for use with a CD player, the Supercharger and the real Atari 2600 console (try getting one with the woodgrain :) !

All the games with either be 2K or 4K but there are many rare ones as well as some of the homegrown games (for example Okie Dokie - unfortunately the authors of some of the other homegrown games didn't grant permission). What else? Many of the adult 2600 games are included, tons of the Taiwan clones, some obscure and hard to find European games (some of them in PAL) and a huge load of great US-made classics including many of the hard to find ones. This set also contains some ultra-rare prototypes just another reason to get it!

This CD set is high quality and Lee will make an initial run of about 50 sets, starting to ship in March. Head on over to the Worship The Woodgrain web site and check it out. Thanks Lee for a job well done!


Bits 'n Pieces

This issue of CyberRoach Magazine marks a new home! I now have my own domain at hosted by the friendly and knowledgeable folks of If you are looking for reliable and reasonably priced web hosting check them out (no, I'm not getting paid for this - I'm just a satisfied customer).

Looking for 'the big one'? Make sure you head over to the Classic Gaming Expo web site! It's going to be World Of Atari2 - things are looking really cool and last year was a blast!

CyberRoach Magazine #5 (due out in late April of 1999) will really contain one or more interviews with programmers of classic Atari 2600 games. I'm really looking forward for some great inside stories and information.


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