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Magazine #11 1/01


Even later than usual - but at least it's sort of a double-issue :)

NWCGE Meeting

The annual NWCGE Meeting was held Saturday, 24th of February in Kirkland, WA and over 50 people attended! Hardware and software on display ranged from Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, 8-Bit home computers, Lynx, Jaguar, Odyssey2 (with The Voice), Videopac (G7400), Intellivision, ColecoVision, Vectrex and various Pong units and clones to Sega Master System, Nintendo NES, LaserActive, handhelds (Coleco, Nintendo and others) and an excellent classic video game trivia game running on a PC (need more info on this one!!!!).

Other highlights were a Bandai Intellivision, Exus Video Jogger, Steve's homemade Vectrex driving controller with a little mounted steering wheel, 2 linked Jaguars playing Battlesphere, Coleco Kid Vid with tapes, Coleco Super Sketch (mint in box!), MB's Cosmic Commander and Flight Commander controllers in box, an Activision jacket with more original patches that I can remember and tons more. 

Everybody had a good time, played video games, exchanged (not only thriftstore success) stories and discussed the revival of the popular videogame (Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube and Xbox).

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Johan playing Road Prosecutor on the LaserActive system.
nwcge02.jpg (56663 bytes)
Intellivisions (even the ultra-rare Bandai version!)
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Quickly becoming a classic: Nintendo NES games!
nwcge04.jpg (59330 bytes)
Discussing 8-Bit home computers...
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Rob (sitting), Lee, ?, Camille, Layne, ? (left to right)
nwcge06.jpg (55609 bytes)
Little Johan and Rob's 8-Bit machines...
nwcge07.jpg (54400 bytes)
Lee's Atari 2600 prototypes and home-mades.
nwcge08.jpg (64191 bytes)
Videopacs, Odyssey2, Pong and others.
nwcge09.jpg (43304 bytes)
Rick playing Frogger on a European G7400 (Odyssey2-equivalent with built-in screen)
nwcge10.jpg (57058 bytes)
Nortlake UU Church in Kirkland, WA.
nwcge11.jpg (55375 bytes)
Another future classic: SEGA Master System.
nwcge12.jpg (73766 bytes)
John and his plethora of handhelds: even had a Crazy Climber!
nwcge13.jpg (39336 bytes)
Steve showing his home-made Vectrex driving controller.
nwcge14.jpg (58057 bytes)
Two linked Jaguars playing 4Play's Battlesphere - sweet!
nwcge15.jpg (51055 bytes)
Johann checking out the PS1...
nwcge16.jpg (86355 bytes)
Coleco Kid Vid in box, Atari and Coleco Magazines!
nwcge17.jpg (98891 bytes)
Spectravideo Compumate.
nwcge19.jpg (52160 bytes)
Exus Video Jogger - nice!
nwcge20.jpg (55042 bytes)
Gemini - Atari 2600-clone.
nwcge21.jpg (51580 bytes)
Coleco Super Sketch!
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Rick showing off his Activision Jacket - very impressive!
dsc00082.jpg (46017 bytes)
And here is the back side of the jacket!
nwcge22.jpg (36569 bytes) nwcge23.jpg (45777 bytes)
One more shot!
dsc00078.jpg (46134 bytes)
Videopac G7200 in action!
dsc00053.jpg (46861 bytes)
Videopac G7400 with BASIC.
dsc00064.jpg (45696 bytes)
Table full of goodies!
dsc00008.jpg (45189 bytes)
The Intellivision section.
dsc00037.jpg (46627 bytes)
dsc00039.jpg (46507 bytes)
...and more handhelds.
dsc00044.jpg (44442 bytes)
Two linked Jaguars playing 4Play's Battlesphere - sweet!
dsc00051.jpg (45076 bytes)
Turbo Grafx, Jaguar and Atari 2600 cases!
dsc00024.jpg (45171 bytes)
Atari 5200 with A.E.
dsc00043.jpg (43622 bytes)
Some guys had this awesome classic videogames trivia game running on a PC
nwcge25.jpg (53317 bytes)
Look what I found at Goodwill!
nwcge26.jpg (70916 bytes)
Some guys showing off their excellent Classic Videogame Trivia game - I need more info on this!
nwcge27.jpg (66726 bytes)
Special controllers in box!

5th Annual Seattle Atari Championships

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The very cool poster designed by  Brent from Squeegees of Fury and Beth from Hi*Score!

Sunday, the 25th, was the day of the 5th Annual Atari 2600 Championships and this time it was the most popular and intense contest ever! Again Hi*Score Arcade was the fitting place with their mix of new and classic arcade games and pinballs. Due to time constraints the entry list had to be closed after 50 contestants and unfortunately some 10 -15 people couldn't join.

Beth, Zach and the others had chosen some tough games: Jr. Pac-Man, Super Breakout (in progressive mode) and Centipede for the general round. The 16 best contestants then moved into the semi-finals where squared off in head-to-head games of Warlords, Combat and finally Bowling. The best 3 went on to the finals where a special version of Space Invaders waited: similar to Coke Wins the invaders were replaced by the letters NWCGE and the base cannon was the Seattle space needle moving horizontally (like in the recent earthquake).

My girlfriend had a car accident and I had to drop out, the guy that was previously in spot 17, John Benner, thus moved into the semi-finals and ended up winning the competition - how is that for cool? During the general round the free pizza from Hot Mama's arrived - big hot slices - very yummy! And in the breaks we took to the classic arcade machines like Mrs. Pac-Man, Assault, Super Cobra, TRON etc.

The tournament happened on five screens and the MC Jake kept a fast pace. High scores were rewarded with solid applause and cheers and the crowd really got into the retro-spirit. Many people were sporting Atari shirts or other classic video game paraphernalia. The big Wico joysticks didn't go over well with some folks but we wanted equal conditions for everybody and it's something we'll think about for next year.

The winner, John Benner, got the NWCGE-Invaders cartridge (a one-of-a-kind!), a silver Atari jacket, video game book, Atari mug, a joystick trophy and other collectibles. The runners up, Mike Messersmith and Darren Hembd, also got all kinds of cool prices from donated by the sponsors ( and Twin Galaxies). During the tournament random competitor's names were drawn and won things like Atari posters etc.

All in all a great Sunday afternoon, everybody had a blast! I'd say the total number of participants and spectators was just below 100 - if this thing keeps growing at the current rate next year's Atari 2600 Championship may need a bigger venue! Thanks to everybody, especially the great folks from Hi*Score, my fellow NWCGE buddies, the sponsors and the participants.

nwcge28.jpg (71200 bytes)
Super Breakout competition.
nwcge29.jpg (44887 bytes)
Lee losing another life in Junior Pac-Man.
nwcge30.jpg (56916 bytes)
Everybody played with Wico joysticks...
nwcge31.jpg (81308 bytes)
Junior Pac-Man competition.
nwcge32.jpg (65875 bytes)
Keeping score...
nwcge33.jpg (59650 bytes)
Junior Pac-Man was very quick!
nwcge35.jpg (85736 bytes)
Hi*Score Arcade.
nwcge36.jpg (69251 bytes)
Super Breakout and Centipede.
nwcge38.jpg (81705 bytes)
Zach announces the games!
nwcge39.jpg (51048 bytes)
John, Rob, Rick and Lee (and me taking the picture).
nwcge40.jpg (60948 bytes)
John, Rob, Rick and Lee (and me taking the picture) - again!
nwcge41.jpg (49069 bytes)
Dig Dug mural with real hose :)
nwcge42.jpg (74902 bytes)
Tough Super Breakout competition!
nwcge43.jpg (85833 bytes)
Hi*Score Arcade - coolest venue in Seattle!
nwcge44.jpg (59647 bytes)
Super Breakout in progressive mode made for very quick eliminations!
nwcge45.jpg (84459 bytes)
The place was packed!!!
nwcge46.jpg (35810 bytes)
Space Invaders mural...
nwcge47.jpg (83924 bytes)
Did I mention? The place was packed! :)
nwcge48.jpg (87090 bytes)
John, 2nd place winner Mike, Lee, Rob (left to right).
nwcge50.jpg (31245 bytes)
Elaine and Beth from Hi*Score Arcade
nwcge51.jpg (65975 bytes)
John, 2nd place winner Mike, Lee, Rob (left to right).



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