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Magazine #8 1/00


Work is keeping me busy and doesn't leave me a lot of time for my hobby but Lee, Rob, John and others found time to organize the annual

NWCGE Meeting

On January 28th 2000 the Northwest Classic Gaming Enthusiasts held their annual meeting at the UU Church in Kirkland, WA. The facilities were nice, enough power outlets and plenty of tables available. The rental fee was a little steep but well worth it.

nw2k0021.jpg (66684 bytes)
UU Church in Kirkland.
nw2k0020.jpg (72401 bytes)
The hard-core folks that stayed until the end!

Over the course of the day around 30 people showed up, incl. many NWCGE folks and VCVGC members who came all the way from Canada. Other visitors included Nintendo folks, former SEGA employees (nice Dreamcast jacket dude!) and a former Atari employee - cool! Unfortunately the folks from the Hi*Score Arcade couldn't make it and I got emails from two classic gamers at MS that wanted to go but were swamped with work. 

mvc-002f.jpg (62153 bytes)
John's table with the Trac-Mar system (right) and his Atari 2600 emulator (left).
mvc-003f.jpg (61564 bytes)
Y2K edition of WTW, flanked by two Superchargers.
mvc-004f.jpg (57814 bytes)
The Trac-Mar system - awesome!
mvc-005f.jpg (38398 bytes)
Trac-Mar start-up screen.
mvc-007f.jpg (74294 bytes)
Lee's homemade labels.
mvc-011f.jpg (55116 bytes)
Homemade cart and label for Asteroids - Vector Edition.

John was showing the Atari 7800 Trac-Mar system - this awesome piece of hardware lets you download and upload any kind of Atari 2600 or 7800 software from/into a modified 7800 console. We played numerous games and it worked without a hitch! Also on John's table: Lee's homemade Atari 2600 carts with labels: Aquaventure, Elk Attack, Pac-Man (the improved version), Bugs Bunny, Asteroids - Vector Edition and Garfield. 

mvc-015f.jpg (71771 bytes)
Rob's table: VIC, C-64 and TI/99-4A.
mvc-016f.jpg (85473 bytes)
Electronic Fun magazines.
nw2k0006.jpg (45600 bytes)
Notice the Asteroids-controller on the left!
mvc-012f.jpg (59194 bytes)
Trading session...

Rob's table had a VIC, a C-64 and a TI/99-4A playing Miner 2040er, he also brought some Electronic Fun magazines and an assortment of controllers. Nice to see some great 8-Bit machines running classic games.

mvc-014f.jpg (58168 bytes)
Colecovision anybody?
mvc-017f.jpg (59356 bytes)
mvc-021f.jpg (64558 bytes)
RCA Studio II for trade...
mvc-020f.jpg (79844 bytes)

There was also some selling, buying and trading of goodies going on, some folks brought boxes full of stuff.

mvc-043f.jpg (52472 bytes)
Atari XE game system.
nw2k0003.jpg (36629 bytes)
Star Fortress on the Colecovision.
nw2k0004.jpg (42044 bytes)
Vectrex station with the latest games.
nw2k0019.jpg (49882 bytes)
Lee looks like someone beat his high score.

Lee's table had a Vectrex running Spike Hopping, Frogger and Lunar Lander (all awesome games!), an XE game system, a Colecovision running Dondzilla's Star Fortress (cool game) and a Playstation for the classic games series from Namco. He also contributed a ton of rare and ultra-rare items to the Show And Tell table (see further down).

I had a table showing off the Jaguar Unreleased Games CD, the BJL Jaguar development kit and some European Videopacs (Euro-versions of the Odyssey2 and Odyssey3). Everybody took a look at Jagmania, Jagtris and Jagmarble. Especially Duranik's Native on the Jaguar was met with Oohs and Ahhs. This is some sweet-looking game - too bad it won't be completed, Native rocks! Thanks to Faran and Rob I was able to capture some Atari commercials right on the spot but later my PC took a little dive so I'll have to do it again :(

nw2k0001.jpg (45851 bytes)
PC running 'The Cave' infomercial for the Atari Jaguar (left), Jag running Soccer Kid (right). In the foreground is a G7400 Videopac+ console.
nw2k0002.jpg (50247 bytes)
European G7200 Videopac console with built-in b/w screen, C7010 Chess add-on and C7420 Microsoft BASIC add-on for the Videopacs.

A former Atari employee, Faran, stopped by and later returned with a video tape showing some Atari Jaguar commercials as well as an early version of SuperCross. We chatted about the last days of Atari and he had some photos from that period - pretty cool to get a first-hand account from somebody who was right there. Thanks Faran!

mvc-041f.jpg (57759 bytes)
Establishing a Comlynx network!
mvc-090f.jpg (28690 bytes)
Comlynx network playing Slimeworld! I forgot how much fun the Lynx can be when hooked up with other players!

Lee's wife brought in some pizza (thanks!!!) and there was a cooler with some soda. With new energy we started some Lynx sessions: first Warbirds and then Slimeworld - we almost made it through the whole maze until somebody (who shall remain nameless :) pulled a network cable and ended the game. Meetings like these are the perfect opportunity to hook up for some serious Comlynx gaming.

nw2k0010.jpg (63099 bytes)
VideoBrain in box and with software! I want one too!!! :)
mvc-018f.jpg (73971 bytes)
Some table-tops and a Channel F.
nw2k0009.jpg (27404 bytes)
Looks like a normal TV - right? But why is this thing so f...reaking heavy? Wait, that's fake woodgrain on a steel cabinet...
nw2k0008.jpg (37790 bytes)
Heh, heh! Here we have a Tempest vector-tube, *huge* power supplies and in the upper right corner goes the Vectrex board!
nw2k0007.jpg (59971 bytes)
Tons (literally :) of goodies.
nw2k0011.jpg (26714 bytes)
Mint Odyssey 100 in box.
nw2k0012.jpg (38355 bytes)
These joysticks look like the ones later used for the Odyssey2.
nw2k0016.jpg (57179 bytes)
Aaron's table.
nw2k0017.jpg (39596 bytes)
Let's play some Pong!
nw2k0018.jpg (47665 bytes)
Aaron loading a tape game into the Interact computer.

Aaron brought in a ton of great items: there was a rare VideoBrain (I want one of these!), some old Odyssey machines, a nice old Interact 8Bit computer (I want one of those as well :) and an awesome home-brew project: a converted TV-cabinet with an original Tempest color-vector tube. Aaron already tried to hook up a Vectrex board and got it to work! He hopes to complete this project for the next meeting. This thing must weigh a few hundred pounds but it was well worth dragging it in - it's an awesome project!

Finally there was a nice Show And Tell Table, packed with unusual to extremely rare items, check out the silver Sylvania Intellivision,  the Atari Video Music system (mint in box with docs, warrantee card, bag and Styrofoam!), Atari 2600 test-kit, some nice Atari LYNX lapel pins, all kinds of Videopac and Videopac+ (Odyssey3)  items, an Atari Stunt Cycle console, some CGE items

mvc-023f.jpg (54658 bytes)
Atari 2600 test kit.
mvc-022f.jpg (70480 bytes)
Atari Video Music, arcade games for the Mac, Atari Stuntcycle, rare Intellivision consoles (Bandai and Sylvania).
mvc-026f.jpg (67536 bytes)
CGE - Brazilian Atari 2600 clone.
mvc-027f.jpg (61212 bytes)
CGE console.
mvc-028f.jpg (61321 bytes)
Some nice promotional items from Atari.
mvc-029f.jpg (63936 bytes)
Homemade parody carts for the Atari 2600 (non-functional of course :)
mvc-036f.jpg (76292 bytes)
Rare stuff (from the top left): Atari prototypes, Ebivision games, a CGE game, Okie Dokie, Crypts Of Chaos signed by author, Chase The Chuckwagon, Video Life and some Odyssey2 prototypes.
mvc-037f.jpg (75504 bytes)
Vectrex in very nice box, French Jopac console with built-in b/w screen, Atari t-shirts and some European Videopac cartrdiges.
mvc-038f.jpg (80418 bytes)
French Jopac console.
mvc-039f.jpg (85381 bytes)
European Videopac cartridges, US-Imagic carts.
mvc-040f.jpg (64283 bytes)
Atari t-shirts.
mvc-042f.jpg (59796 bytes)
Mint in box Kid Vid Voice Module.
mvc-081f.jpg (48437 bytes)
Video Life title animation.
mvc-074f.jpg (53079 bytes)
Video Life in action.
nw2k0015.jpg (60913 bytes)
Part of the 'museum'.
mvc-025f.jpg (69472 bytes)
Lee's John Deere 'prototype' of the Atari 2600 :)

Overall a great meeting and thanks to everybody for making this possible! This seemed to be a perfect location and there should be plenty of room for even more folks next time. I'm really looking forward to the next meeting, see you there! If you are interested in joining the fun then check out the official NWCGE webpage and the official VCVGC webpage and get on the mailing list!

panorama.jpg (126891 bytes)
Big panorama shot of the facilities (124KB).

mvc-035f.jpg (48267 bytes)
Atari lamp!

nw2k0013.jpg (47769 bytes)
Little Johann is checking out an interesting box...

Bits 'n Pieces

Hmm... I'm slowly running out of server space :( I was hoping to put the two initial CyberRoach Magazine issues up but for now that will have to wait.

Looking for 'the big one'? Make sure you head over to the Classic Gaming Expo web site! If it's going to be as good as last year's CGE you won't want to miss that one!

CyberRoach Magazine #9 (due out in late April of 2000) will contain an interview with a former Atari employee :)


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Steve for many of the pictures!

Lee, Rob, John and all the other guys from the NWCGE and VCVGC!


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